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this is basically a “Persuasive Document” about one of those topics:
1- Too much money is a bad thing.
2- Kids should get paid for good grades.
3- Gun ownership should be tightly controlled.
4- All students should study abroad.
5- All schools should implement bullying awareness programs.
6- Teachers should be paid more.

**** You as a writer pick whatever you like and feel that you can do a better job with.

**** the audience are anyone (students, public, etc…)
**** the document should convince of taking action not only think after reading the persuasive document.
**** plz try to not confuse the audience.

you should feel strongly about this issue and wish that the (mainstream public) was better informed about it. Design a document that will teach the audience about this issue and persuade them to (act differently). This document can be written in any style or format and can be of any length, so long as the style/format and length are effective given the audience. To earn full credit, the Popular Appeal should (compel the audience, persuade the audience to act, refrain from confusing the audience) , adhere to the Guidelines of Professional Writing, utilize the principles of tight and bright language, and show definitive evidence of a thorough writing process.


Gun Ownership Should be Tightly Controlled

The issue of ownership of guns by individuals has been widely discussed for many years. A significant portion of the world’s population today own guns of which some are registered while others are not. The incidence of many people owning guns may jeopardize a country’s security especially if guns end up in wrong people’s hands. This has brought up numerous debates over the ownership of guns and their importance. Most individuals consider gun ownership as a proper means of protecting themselves. However, this is not always the case as experts from different parts of the globe argue that ownership of guns has more negativity compared to the advantages. Due to these views, there is need that gun ownership is tightly controlled by the state.

Even though possessing a gun in a homestead poses some risks, there are a number of home defense benefits to owning a gun. This is effective when necessary precaution and care is observed. One of the main benefits of owning a gun is the real sense of security and protection one enjoys which constitute 37% of the reasons for owning the weapon. Intruders are always kept at bay because they fear being shot at. In many circumstances, the sight of a gun scares robbers and burglars without necessarily having to fire at them. Other advantages of owning guns include hunting and target shooting.

Despite the advantages mentioned about owning a gun, there are also disadvantages. First, keeping a gun at home puts an individual at an increased risk of accidents both at home and at the workplace. For instance, if one has kids at home, there is a possibility that they can get in touch with the gun even if it is locked up. In a most recent research conducted on gun-owning parents, a high percentage among them admitted that their children have handled firearms. Many children do not understand the risks associated with guns and might accidentally injure themselves, siblings, or friends while they think they are having fun. In addition, studies indicate that most of the guns kept at home are used in killing family members than they are used in fighting intruders. In every 10 people killed using guns, 6 of them are family members. Therefore, it is important to put such risks to consideration when thinking of owning a gun (Cook, Philip, and Ludwig 380).

According to Lott, John (93), owning a gun is considered a personal decision that every individual needs to make for him or herself. It is crucial for one to analyze the advantages and disadvantages posed by the ownership of a gun. The ownership of guns should therefore, be tightly controlled to avoid the effects caused by mishandling of the weapon. Laws must be enforced in different states to guide and control people who are supposed to own guns. These include laws on manufacture, possession, modification, sale, and transfer of the weapon from one individual to the other. Some countries have very strict gun ownership rules while others have relatively feeble restrictions. In the U.S, the total number of accidental gun deaths each year is around 1,300 and every year such accidents cause the deaths of 200 children aged 14 years and below (Lott et al., 2013)..

In conclusion, it is vital for every individual to be aware of the dangers of possessing guns. Although gun ownership has some benefits, the limitations of uncontrolled gun ownership overshadow the benefits. Careful decisions should be made before taking a step to owning a gun. At all costs, individuals should refrain from unnecessary gun possession to avoid the serious consequences they pose. Eventually, this will lead to peaceful coexistence in the society and reduce cases of accidental home murders. Therefore, it is advisable for all persons to desist from gun ownership to avoid the effects that they cause.

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