Sex Education: Pro

  1. Pro Sex Education
    1. Sex education should be taught in schools.
    2. Sex education is a controversial topic in the United States. It is thought that giving sex education gives the green light for students to have sex. Some research shows that the giving this education decreases the chance of students having sex at young ages.
  2. Sex education is a controversial topic in the United States. Having sex education provides the knowledge needed to make good choices.
    1. The states that have enacted sex education
      1. Opt-out option
      2. Comprehensive sex education?
    2. Research that shows sex education is effective
      1. Reduction in sexual activity at young age
      2. Reduction of teenage pregnancy
    3. Economic Benefits, if any?
    4. Having sex education gives students the green light to have sex. Its better to teach abstinence or not teach any form of sex education at all.
    5. Conclusion
    6. References
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        1. Study of students grade 6th– 8th; sex education v. no sex education
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Make sure to argue the issue directly; comprehensive sex education should be taught in schools because it lowers morbidity rates and American health care costs. Avoid obvious statements such as sex education is a controversial topic in the United States. Make sure to define comprehensive sex education. . Consider the costs of teen pregnancy and STDs. Addressing the opposition doesn’t mean agreeing with the opposition. Stay firm to your position.No opinionated statements Avoid using me, I, “I feel”, “In my opinion”

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