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Please write an essay on the following:
 What is the purpose of emiratization
 Why do UAE nationals avoid working in the private sector
 Compare and contrast between the private sector and the public sector in the UAE
 Include an introduction and conclusion



Employment in the UAE is a crucial area in the growth of the public and private sector. UAE has a very high population and thus there is a possibility that employees do not get the chance to work in the areas of preference. Due to this case, the government of the United Arab Emirates has come up with the initiative of emiratisation whereby the government aims at employing its people in an efficient manner both in the private and public sector. The scheme has been in use for quite a long period and thus many people have benefited from it.

Purpose of Emiratisation

            The main purpose of emiratisation is to ensure that the nationals of United Arab Emirates gain meaning employment both in the private and in public sector. Emiratisation in the Emiratis encourages the development of innovative practice to the working nationals. Emiratisation encourages continuous improvement in the skills of the people making them more productive. In addition, emiratisation fosters effectiveness and efficiency thereby leading to development of professional integrity among the employed citizens. Moreover, the scheme leads to effective responsiveness to the wants and demands of the competitive work environment in the UAE. Through this initiative, the Emiratis thus advance the worth of their lives (Al-Ali, 2008).

UAE Nationals Dislike Working In the Private Sector

Many citizens in the United Arab Emirates do not like working in the private segment. Various inducements attract more citizens to work in the public segment than in the private segment in UAE. One reason for this behavior is that while working in the public sector, employees get easy access to government funding that help in undertaking of profitable businesses. Another reason is that the private sector in UAE still lags behind in terms of economic growth and development. The private sector employs an insignificant number of the nationals compared to the public sector that employs majority of the residents. The workplace environment in the private sector is not pleasing and thus Emiratis desire the public segment where working conditions are excellent. Moreover, the modern generation in the United Arab Emirates mostly comprising of the youth prefer working in the public sector where there is more freedom and considerably higher salaries (Ball, 2007).

Comparison between the Private and Public Sectors in the UAE

Emiratisation in the UAE has brought about the different views of the private and public sector (Ball, 2007). Both the private and the public sector work hard to ensure that the majority of the UAE nationals acquire decent employment opportunities. In addition, both the private and public sector work towards the development of people’s standards of living. However, there are outstanding disparities between the two sectors. For instance, the private sector present little career opportunities to the citizens with low salaries contrasted to the public sector. The private sector is mostly composed of organizations operated without government interference while the public sector comprise of organizations owned and run by the government. Majority of the workers in the public sector obtain a total of 96 days off duty excluding the compulsory leaves while the private sector enjoys half the number. In addition, those working in the public sector have 13 official personal holidays while those working in the private sector have a maximum of ten individual holidays.


            In conclusion, emiratisation is an important policy economically, socially, and politically to the people of the UAE. Emiratisation plays an important role in improving the efficiency of the public and private sectors in terms of employment. Emiratisation in the UAE can play a big role in reducing the differences evident amid the public and private segments. Harmonization of these two sectors would go a long way in improving people’s lives and efficiency in delivery of services in terms of employment.

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