Public Health Policy and Decision Making
After reviewing the material in this module, what is your opinion regarding the public
health impact of hydraulic fracking? Please support your opinion with meaningful
evidence/research. Be sure to cite sources within the body of text, and provide a
reference list per APA style.
1. What “special interest” groups were key in setting the current
legislation/regulations regarding fracking?
2. If you remember our earlier discussion about John Kingdon (1995), he describes
agenda setting in public policy making as a function of the confluence of three
streams of activity: problem, possible solution to the problem(s), and political
circumstances. Explain this model in relationship to fracking.
3. List four stakeholders who are impacted by the legislation that allows fracking. For
each stakeholder, articulate the effects of the fracking legislation. Is there economic
considerations for each stakeholder, and if so, what are they?
4. What are some of the common criticisms aimed at fracking?
5. What do fracking’s proponents say about fracking?
6. What do you believe will be the future of hydraulic fracking in the U.S.?
7. What additional legislation should be proposed regarding fracking? What special
interest group(s) would propose this action?
Save your paper as a word document in the following format: last name, assignment. I
would save my assignment as
Case study should be Arial, Calibri, Cambria or Times New Roman font, size 12pt,
double-spaced, with 1 inch margins.
All sources/references cited within text per APA style, as well as with a separate
reference page per APA style.
Be sure to use and cite the videos for the case study-2010
Gasland, and 2013 FrackNation.
The length of your response for each Case Study is 2-4 pages (double-spaced). Cover and
reference pages do not count towards the page requirements. Please note the page
requirements- no less than two, no more than four. 1 ¾ pages does not meet the
minimum requirements. Do not place your name, course title, assignment name, etc. in
the body of your text. Use a cover page for these elements that is not part of the page
length requirements.
As you did in Case Study 1, start with a brief introduction, and provide a formal header
for each question you are answering. Do not cut and paste the entire question for each
section of your paper. You only need put
Question #1, Question
#2, and so on.

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