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The focus of this paper is to conduct online research for evidence-based practice (EBP). Describe the ethical importance of utilizing evidence-based practices in psychology, and summarize two or three EBPs you may use in your career.


Ethical decision making refers to the process of coming up with proper decisions which are morally right. A research should always be conducted before making decisions. Thus, appropriate decisions are made to suit those involved and must be based on evidence. Concepts should be identified, explored and confirmed before making conclusions. Theories are supposed to be proven by incorporating them in the real world and conducting an extensive research. Empirical data collected should be well analyzed by use of standard statistical methods.

The procedure for using empirical support to make decisions should be followed. The process starts with observation which will include gathering and organizing empirical data to come up with hypothesis (Tenbrunsel & Smith-Crowe, 2008). The second step is induction which refers to the process of forming hypothesis. The third stage is deducting consequences from the acquired data which is then tested in the fifth stage. The last stage should be evaluating the final outcomes and make the required decisions. During the research, regulations must be followed and anticipated ethical problems dealt with accordingly

Decision making in an organization is very essential. A lot of care should be taken while making decisions to avoid conflicts in the organization and improve the performance of the company in general. An employee should always be ready to make ethical decisions that help the organization forge ahead. This demands team work, organization social norms and good morals of employees while making decisions. Proper moral decisions help the company to avoid losses incurred due to violation of ethical laws. Ethical decisions create a competitive advantage to all the stakeholders including employees, managers and the organization as a whole. Personal attributes such as education background, age, attitude values and personality influence on how one makes decisions. (Trevino, 1986)

Evidence based practice is used to refer to the use of best and well researched data for the care of different clients and proper service delivery. This dictates that stakeholders should use well analyzed data to make decisions.EBP contains all the evidence needed by policymakers and psychologists. It is based on a comprehensive understanding of findings researched and integrating them to make decisions. The findings should be up to date and not rely on obsolete information. Evidence Based Practice involves placing the benefits of the customer first and of those of the organization come later. Actions should be taken according to the evidence obtained and handled effectively as well as objectively. (Godshall, 2010)

Evidence Based Practice has faced a lot criticism in the modern world. First, it is said to be time consuming because more time is allocated to conduct research and compile the outcomes. Secondly, clinical research fail to provide reliability when it is much needed. Another problem associated with EBP is that those who read the researched information are unable to tell the best and low quality studies thereby creating room for doubts. There is also lack of enough evidence which may lead to poor attendance to clients and unsatisfactory decisions. The evidence provided may be biased and therefore not good enough. All the above problems limit the effectiveness of evidence based practice.

In conclusion, EBP requires practitioners to take more of their time in reviewing recent findings and putting them into proper use. It can also be enhanced through good planning and extensive expertise. Evidence Based Practice lays emphasis on the best available researched evidence to match client’s situations.

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