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Determine the benefits of the medications and the concerns associated with treating EBD and ADHD with medication using the Medicating Kids videos and Ch. 7 & 9 of Special Education for Today’s Teachers as references.

Write a 350- to 700-word paper that includes the following:
•Your personal opinion about the highly controversial topic of medicating children for EBD or ADHD
•Supporting facts and data
•Possible alternate treatments

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines, including in-text citations and a reference page if additional resources are used.


The Controversy of Medication

There some children who happen to develop Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Such children develop symptoms ranging from hyperactivity, challenges in controlling behavior, lose of attention, and, lose of focus. The case is quite similar to children suffering from Emotional disability Eligibility usually abbreviated as EBD. Children suffering from EBD exhibit poor academic performance propelled by departing social and emotional behavior. Other than performing adversely in academic endeavors, EDB affected child is certainly to portray adverse functioning in terms of personal adjustment, vocational skills, and social relationships. It has been reported that medication helps children suffering from EBD and ADHD but on a similar note it has been noted that medication is not the reliable cure.

Studies have revealed that stimulant medication helped 70 to 80 percent of children suffering from ADHD. In fact, many families have turned to medication as solution to the disease. Research further reveals that drugs prescribed to treat ADHD were safe and more so effective to 60 and 80 percent of patients. The medicine-helped children gain significant improvement on impulse and become less hyperactive, gain higher ability to focus, and improved significantly as far as mental disruption is concerned (Photodisc 2001)

In my opinion, stimulant medication helps the child recover from peer relations challenges and distortive behavior in a dramatic manner. The drug provides potential benefits in improving relationships between the affected child and parent, and relationship between the child and siblings as it is presented in Nicole’s narration. A higher potential benefit provided by the stimulant medicines is the fact that they help improve academic improvement of the affected child, as it was the case with Noel. In other word, the stimulant drugs administered to treat ADHD and EBD provide potential benefits in remaining a child’s social, academic, and behavioral functioning. I believe parents and teachers have perceived a positive observation on the effect of the medication.

However, I think narrators in the video link develop genuine concern on whether drugs administered to treat ADHD serve its purpose on a long term basis. An analysis of the story of Alex implies that the medication presents complication. Additionally, I believe that ADHD drugs present mysterious effects on a child. The long-term consequences of the stimulating effects are yet to be evaluated and determined. To mention, the story of Robin implies that the drug causes side effects. In my opinion, stimulant medication produces effect quickly implying that teachers and parents would make a positive change quickly and thus make unreliable conclusion on a child’s recovery progress. Despite the fact that ADHD drugs helps majority of its users, the intensity of benefits varies with individuals.

On a more serious note, research has revealed that stimulant medication have potentials of causing side effects to some children. Side effects range from stomachaches, sleep difficulties, appetite reduction, irritability, nervousness, excessive starring, drowsiness, and headaches. In some area cases, stimulant drugs contribute to hallucinations, nervous tics, and bizarre behavior.

However, physicians have come out to shed light that cases of side effects can be controlled if stimulant drugs are taken safely. Additionally, it emerges that children with severe symptoms fail to respond well to behavior therapy (Consumer Reports, 2010).

I therefore conclude that medication administered to ADHD and EBD affected children portray both beneficial factors and concerning issues. The findings from the paper indicates that a  majority of children have responded positively to the therapy and thus make significant improvement provided the drug was administered by qualified physicians. I believe the fact that the medication provides short-term relief to children and a number of distinct side effects implies that the therapy should raise urgent concerns despite the fact that they affect a small percentage of children.

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