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Pretend you are a newspaper journalist for the he Washington Post. Please write a two page article about the minivan. What’s so special about the minivan? When was the minivan invented? Are minivans cool? Etc! Remember you are a journalist writing an article for a newspaper and you are not writing a research paper on the minivan. This is a critical thinking activity so please write how you feel.



Minivan is designed in such away that it could serve the personal travelling needs. Depending on location, minivans could also be referred to as people carriers, multi-utility vehicles, and people movers. The history of invention of minivan can be traced back in 1936. The model is fitted with second row seats and removable table. The original van was known as Stout Scarab. Between 1949 and 1962, more modified models were manufactures by DKW Schnellaster assembled. The model was shaped like a box, had transverse engine, front-wheel drive, cargo space, and sloping aerodynamic hood among other features. Over years, some predecessor such compact vans became popular.

Special feature of minivans

There are a number of a fascinating features connected to models of minivans over other models of vehicles. I have encountered Minivans are manufactured in two sizes; regular and compact size. Compact size is designed to fit small families and regular is designed to serve interest of medium-size families. The price for the vehicle varies with features. Minivan whose value ranges between $19,000 and $25,000 has basic features. There are those that worth close to $45,000. They are designed in such away that they appear as luxury car.

It is amazing to realize that minivans are considered economic in terms of fuel consumption. Standard minivans are categorized as V6; they have four-cylinder engines. They can accommodate heavy loads implying that they work efficiently with V10, V8, and V6 diesel engines to handle the massive cargo.

Another exclusive feature of minivan is the fact that they are regarded as one for the safest vehicles. Recent models are regarded to have passed more safety tests compared to models that existed before mid 20th Century. Some are just fascinating since are fitted with rearview cameras and knee airbags.

Many modern models of minivan have adopted family friendly features. Some exclusive have exclusive features ranging from versatile seat configurations, power-sliding doors, entertainment systems, rear air-conditioning, and storage containers. Some luxury models are fitted with heated seats, climate control, navigation systems, iPod interfaces, Bluetooth capacity, and keyless start systems. These must be some of the outstanding features that many contemporary travelers.

I have to say that I am some models are fascinating in the sense that they have unique second-row seat for the benefit of family. The seats can rotate to face the floor, third row, some are removable, and some can slide in such away that they can breast-feeding position. Many modern are fitted with third row that performs a trick of folding neatly to lye on floor.

More special features entail the big capacity. Passenger capacity is equally exclusive in such away has a capacity of comfortably eight passengers. This is to say that parents can easily attend to their infants without constraints. Some size of vans can accommodate 15 passengers implying family members have an option of sitting anywhere.

Minivans are superior in terms of hauling cargo and passengers at the sometime. Their cabins can fit massive stuff since third rows can be folded. Their removable seats can create more space when needed. Some full-size vans and minivans have all-wheel drive systems. Therefore, they are suitable for users thriving in snowy, cold, and wet climate. This is a wonderful feature in the sense that is would help families to travel anytime.

It is apparent that minivans they are easy to maintain, insure, and cheap to acquire. An owner of minivan thus makes a sound financial choice they are ideal for family transportation at affordable cost yet it offers exclusive stylist benefits. It is a right vehicle for middle-income earners willing to enjoy some luxury lifestyle.

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