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Much has been written in popular magazines about aerobic training and how it is the only way one can burn fat. Explain this belief, evaluate it and tell why it may or may not be appropriate. Are there other ways to burn fat? If so, what are some of them?


Aerobic Training

Aerobic training refers to physical exercise that relies on aerobic energy to meet demands for energy. The aerobic training implies that energy relies on consumption of oxygen through light intensity training such as walking, and swimming. The primary argument is that aerobic training raises the metabolism rate that helps burn calories as indicted in the print media. The media have indicated that aerobic training is the highest effective option of burning excessive fats despite the fact that research reveals that it is not an efficient way of burning fat.

Research reveals that aerobic exercise plays a significant role in maintaining pulse rate. Moderate-intensity and light-intensity exercise are the highest effective ways of burning fat compared to intensive training. During light exercise, the body derives energy from fats whereas during intensive training, the body derives more energy from carbohydrates other than fats (Hoager and Hoager 2014, Pp. 194. Biley 2000 supports the idea that aerobic training is an effective means of burning fat but further indicates that the method is not an efficient strategy to reduce weight.

Research indicates that aerobic training accelerates the rate of aging and cortisol levels. Higher level of cortisol inhibits the effort of body to cut down the level of fat as well as increasing the rate of aging. Cortisol increases the intensity of oxidative substance in reproductive organs, heart, brain, and heart that contributes to accelerated level of ageing.

There are other methods of cutting weight including reducing the amount of foods with high level of carbohydrates and fat, increasing the amount of water intake, weight training, cutting the amount of alcohol intake or preferable eliminating the intake entirely. High level of water intake helps increasing the level of fat mobilization (Bodybuilding.com, LLC 2014).

In conclusion, aerobic training is regarded as the highest effective strategy of cutting fat but inappropriate in the sense that it poses side effects to the body such as increased rate of ageing.

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