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Length: Literature Review Paper: 5 – 8 pages double-spaced pages. Students may find that they
need to use more pages to cover the assignment.

The Literature Review

The content of the Literature Review should include
the following components:
? Introduction: In one page, briefly describe the different models for Wal-Mart’s sustainability plans.

You are not doing a book report on either of these companies but evaluating each of their sustainability processes. You are to provide appropriate background information.

A MUST!!? Literature Review: In three to five pages, analyze and synthesize 15 or more scholarly sources on these companies using the people, planet and profit as headings for your search.
You may want to include data from lawsuits especially those that relate to people, planet and profit. You may also want to do a search of the Human Resources department and find ways that these
corporations utilize these departments toward sustainability efforts (or don’t). You will want to use the Brandman Library found on the front page of My.Brandman.edu (see Library Icon on the
right).Always include your text book(s) in your Literature Review (but not exclusively).

MUST use the Text Northouse, P. G. (2013). Leadership theory and practice. (6th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA

? Conclusions: In one to two pages*, draw your conclusions as to which model you prefer. This
means that if you were going to start a company and you had to follow the Wal-Mart sustainability, which would you choose and why. Your conclusions need to be supported by findings in the literature review.

Do not write a “marketing piece” for the sustainability model you
choose, just explain why you choose one sustainability model over the other, using people, planet and profit as criteria.

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