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Essay is to be written in 3rd PERSON, unless it occurs in a quotation. Which should be kept to a minimum. Seriously reflect on the chapter “GUILT, SHAME & COMMUNITY” This is the only chapter that has to be taken into account. NO GENERALITIES, NO SUMMARIZING, Get to the heart of the matter philosophically.

The Topic of the Essay is as follows:
-The claim that each human is INFINITELY PRECIOUS finds expression in the chapter stated above. Show HOW this concept INFORMS discussion through discussing the various issues below.

Use the Following Format for this essay please:
-What do you see as STRENGTHS of this chapter in relation to this concept of INFINITE PRECIOUSNESS? Why? **(half page)**
-What do you think are WEAKNESSES of the concept INFINITE PRECIOUSNESS which come to light in the chapter? Why? **(half page)**
-Raise possible OBJECTIONS to Gaita’s view of INFINITE PRECIOUSNESS in this essay **(half page)**
-Reach a conclusion regarding the importance of the concept INFINITE PRECIOUSNESSof humanity raised in and by this chapter **(Half Page)**



According to Gaita, each human being is infinitely precious in his or her soul and it is hard to change the situation. Saintly love and goodness brings about this character in human beings. Although love is just a feeling, it cannot be commanded, and is often uncertain under different circumstances. Infinitely precious human beings should not be driven by guilt in any case because they believe in themselves and their actions. A human being full of guilt is driven by predestined behaviors, which should be avoided as Gaita (p. 145) points out in his argument about infinitely precious human beings. He clearly explains that there is ethical challenge in the society from where he comes from. He strongly argues that by depriving the native residents their land, the government makes a grievous mistake whereby the individuals will be denied the chance of enjoying their lives to the fullest.

Gaita (p. 96) further explains that disproving an individual his or her humanity is very wrong and that it calls for a complete change in attitude and language for the society to remain intact. Love is invisible, but very strong and defines the aspect of humanity in human beings. Gaita views the Australian High Court, which pronounces judgment using harsh language as an enemy to humanity. There are also incidences of racial segregation that makes the judgment made seem shameful to the people involved in their hearts. In this case, it is said that the individuals who got engaged in reprimanding the indigenous people their humanity felt guilt thereby causing shame to the whole community. For instance, Gaita says that a person should treat his or her pet with highest dignity just as if they are fellow beings. This in the real sense, calls for condescension between the different parties for them to remain infinitely precious in their lives.

Gaita (p. 153) emphasizes that the kind of love that the nuns showed the psychiatric patients should always remain no matter the circumstances. It is just another way of revealing the art of full humanity and moral equality towards the less fortunate, segregated people, or those of younger age. Those with little regards towards humanity should be given the freedom for them to question and justify their behavior in order to bring worthiness of rationality. The features of human being morality go hand in hand with spiritual or religious sensibility. For example, Gaita claim that in the death camps, only light or the good portion in a human being illuminate his or her soul to show how he or she is infinitely precious (Gaita p. 152). The preciousness of every human being is defined by the dignity and the  behavior he or she has towards the soul. The good deeds that an individual does towards others, essentially infused with love brings the real picture to the society.

In conclusion, Gaita says that a human being should struggle through all capacities to make their lives infinitely precious. The behavior that one portrays is explained by an individual’s belief in the existence of God and its assessment of truth should be based on the acceptance of the belief. Behavior accompanied by proper love defines humanity towards others, and therefore makes a person to be infinitely precious in the soul. Knowing good and evil is vital for all individuals because this will dictate the amount of goodness they will offer to others in appeal to the truths of their religious propositions.

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