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This is final exam question, its focus on what you understand and apply theory into question. So you just follow the standard table i provide in the file.
Question: “List and discuss three different types of ethical concerns people might have about this product. If
you were the brand manager for bling h2o, how would you defend your marketing strategy?”
Please using 4P strategy to answer this question : Price, Promotion, Product and Placement logistics, plus People. But just use only three which are might have concerns by the customer.

“Please read the case study Bling H2O for this essay, and using information in that case and theory 4P classic : Price, Promotion, Product and Placement logistic, plus people”


Ethical Concerns of Bling H2

Bottled water safety is an ethical concern that faces Bling h2o. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) showed that many leading bottled water companies lack of transparency in informing consumers on their actual source of water. Most companies do not illustrate whether the water has undertaken all the relevant tests for chemicals and other contaminants and the purification method. This thus affects the marketing of Bling h2o water as people have the trust for given water companies such as Coca-Cola and PepsiCo. The instance where companies claim that bottled water is more safer and purer than that obtained from the taps is a great issue as they do not inform that all their processes are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration rather than tap water which is being regulated by Environmental Protection Authority which is regarded as more strict in execution of its actions. This is important to the society as they will disregard most of Bling h2o advertisements if they are not detailed thus not using their products.

The other ethical concern entails the image of the product which instills different perceptions within the society. The big question within the society is whether bottled water is as good as tap water. The quality of Bling’s product is essential within the market as it influences the marketing and consumption. All bottled water companies’ advocate for bottled water as the best but the society is in a dilemma as independent researcher’s claim that the water might be harmful when consumed. Many individuals have the perception that bottled water is not as safe as that from the tap thus Bling h2o has a difficult role in ensuring that their market strategies encourage people to use their products. The image of Bling water is important as it has targeted the high class consumers thus neglecting the lower class individuals.

The final ethical concern involves the use and re-use of plastic bottles. Even though most of the used bottles are disposed off, some end up being recycled in relation to companies which are regarded as of green image. There have been campaigns that have focused on encouraging people to reduce the exposure to Bisphenol-A (BPA) which are used in making of plastics. Research has shown that BPA is associated with the interruption of hormonal functioning and thus many people will avoid it. This concern has a great impact on marketing of Bling H2o bottled water as people fear being exposed to BPA thus they will hardly buy this water. This will enhance the marketing advantage to competitors who use other forms of bottles.

Bling H2O Marketing Strategy

Product image is an important marketing tool for companies. The Bling h2o bottled water has a fashionable style different from the others. It has been developed with some coolness associated with the rich in the society. This population most often does not want to be associated with the poor and the low class people in their lifestyle thus Bling H2O has penetrated the market to offer them a choice of class that is different from all other brands. The image of the water bottles are unique portraying a luxurious life which the rich want to be associated with as it defines a great statement that “I can afford it”. This is a characteristic for only the celebrities and the fortunate in the society who love spending.

The pricing of Blings h2o water is relatively high as compared to the normal rates. Pricing is a great determinant of success within the market thus the best pricing mechanisms will earn the great profits. Bottled water is mostly sold at low prices; however, Bling h2o bottled water is relatively more expensive because it is bottled water designed for the high class individuals within the community. This is important as it distinguishes the different lifestyles of people. The advertisement strategies go in hand with the target groups within the society as Bling h2o has made its way in shows like the Emmys and Grammys which mostly feature celebrities who love the lavish life.

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