FORMAT: Your paper will contain four sections. The paper must be typed, double-spaced, using a 12-point font, and must not exceed 10 pages typed. (page length does not include references or title page).

Introduction: In this section you will identify the research issue(s) your paper is going to address(How can the government address the immigration issue?), what makes it an important topic, what you are going to do in the paper, and what you will generally conclude. This section should be no longer than 1 page.

Body Section: The body of the paper should be approximately 7 to 8 pages and include, at minimum, the following:

  • Define the issue/problem – and what the literature states about the issue/problem. Pay particular attention to any theories espoused in the literature or discussed in the class readings.
  • Identify who are the key actor(s), what they are trying to achieve, why, and how they are going about trying to achieve their objectives, and what conflicts and negotiated strategies are being pursued.
  • Identify potential remedies to the issue/problem.
  • Discuss the potential strengths and weaknesses of alternatives to your issue/problem.

Conclusion: In this section you are asked to speculate on what the materials covered in the body of the text, what lead you to conclude about your topic in general. What are the internal and external forces shaping your topic, what are the present trends, which characterize it, what do you imagine will happen in the future – 1 page.

A minimum of 6 academic sources must be included in the body of your paper, though you are encouraged to do more (it seems the more academic references the better the grade).

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