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Write a 2-page play review about a play you have attended this semester. Describe the play performance. How was the overall performance of the actors? How was their cloth, or customs? How was the actor’s language? How about the stage, or the theater itself, how did it look like? How was the decoration of the theater? Does it carry a lot of audience? How was the sound effect? Was it clear enough? How do you evaluate the hosting company, the director, and the actors? Generally, describe what you see, NOT the content of the play. Do not describe the plot or the story of the play. On November 07, 2014, I went to a show called “The Tempest.” The show took a place at A Noise Within theater, which is located in Pasadena. You don’t have to mention anything about the content of the play in the paper.

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The Tempest Experience Review

The Tempest, written by William Shakespeare is one of his final works that caught the attention of many. The play reflects a rural island in which Prospero, who is a duke of Milan makes strategies to bring back Miranda his daughter into the right status through manipulation. There are odd characteristics of comedy, magic experiences, treachery, but the cast is lively. The play is a tragicomedy and talks about different traditions within love with some post-colonial characteristics. There are different themes that the play captures including disloyalty, forgiveness, magic and civilization.

One could easily distinguish the variations within characters in the play as the casting is outstanding. This play has a little more musical as compared to other works that the author wrote. It shows a re-invention of the author from the historical perspectives by the utilization of music that is a component of the texts. Music is heard on many occasions at times the characters stand listening along with the audience while at given points they dance with the rhythm. The sound effect was completely loud and clear for the audience with some singing along with the characters.

The characters take part in their roles in different levels of success and the different scenes come with varying styles and nature. The tone of the actors varies within different scenes, some maintaining neutrality and exaggerating their roles for instance through shouting. The clothing of the play was defined by different roles of the character and the scenes they were involved in. The variety of clothing used depends on the character’s nature, for instance costuming is used to give the definition of Caliban who is a slave. Prospero is seen with a magic housecoat while Ariel can be seen with six varying costumes within the play to illustrate his strangeness.

The language used by Shakespeare in this work has some form of complication through the use of obsolete words. Shakespeare is commended for his work because some words were introduced in English according to his works. Most of the parts in this play are written in verse form and iambic pentameter can be recognized thus this creates a rhythm that makes the language sound beautiful. Also the use of prose passages is evident in the play, for instance, where Caliban uses when talking to Stefano although later he utilizes the verse form. There are various language styles used by Shakespeare, including imagery, personification and alliteration. This requires the audience to pay attention from the start of the play to understand all scenes.

The play’s lighting characteristic is very captivating as it allows all the audience to have a clear view of the characters within the scenes. The play utilizes the white light as it brings clarity in instances where the costumes used were of dark colors and with high texture. Variety is brought about at some scenes through utilization of saturated color which encourages the audience to have a three dimensional view. The light supported the decorations at the stage with the main décor being that of the scene where Ariel arrives and distracts the plan by Antonio and Sebastian of murdering Gonzalo and Alonso. This is a captivating picture that could initiate one to watching this play.

The performance of the play was fascinating as one could easily remember the performance of the goddesses and the scenes by all characters. The end of the play is calm and just with the audience having different criticisms and compliments. An applause means that many within the audience have accepted the performance of the characters and the director can be praised for the work of ensuring that the play comes to a conclusion with its quality remaining the same.

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