Topic: analytical essay scrutinising the work of Trout Mask Replica(Captain Beefheart)

Order Description;please read the assessment details.
You are required to submit an individually authored 1500 word (+/-10%) analytical essay scrutinising the work of a well-known artist or producer. You can either choose one song or investigate the body of work of an individual producer or production team. You are expected to discuss your proposed work with your tutor prior to submission.
An analytical essay should contain a thesis, a statement declaring your opinion
The production techniques employed on the song “99 problems” are directly related to the producer Rick Rubin’s earlier work with artists like Beastie Boys and Run-D.M.C. as the artist Jay-Z partly intended this song as a homage to this era of hip-hop.The body of the essay should now focus on creating evidence to support your assertion. In this case an author could, point out that, at the time of the release of the”Black Album”,the prevailing sound in rap was based on a much more modern programmed sound.‘You should use a variety of sources to support your argument(s). you need to acknowledge those sources within text
(in-text citations) and by including a Reference List at the end of your work’
The conclusion restates your argument but try to avoid just simply summarizing
your essay. The conclusion can also make a connection to a broader concept e.g. the production technique of effectively “sampling a time period” can also be observed inurrent productions by artists such as Emile Sande or Rudimentals and their reuse of the break beat and drum & bass genres.
The written work should be divided as follows: Introduction (200 words)
Interpretation/Analysis(1000 words) Conclusion (300 words)

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