Selected business: Ice cream factory
1. Please introduce the ice cream factory business. Example (where is it
located ,who set it up first , who invent this ice cream , and you have
to talk about which is famous factory of ice cream and linked with
our ice cream factory.
2. Prepare a survey about our ice cream factory. For example the
question (what is your name? – your gender? – how old are you? –
which ice cream flavor you like? …………. Etc.) /put around 10
question. Include the survey and a summary of the results with a
short explanatory paragraph.
3. Cover the below mentioned points for our ice cream factory
(highlighted in grey)
4. Please ensure to use the reference function in built in Microsoft
Word when doing the references and in-text citation.
5. Use images wherever applicable
6. Include a preface to the report with the following sub headings:
a. Subject of the report – mention what the company is about
b. Tool used to gain opinion – mention that survey was used

1.0 Primary Research

In this part, you will need to describe the primary research you did to ensure that there
would be a market for your product. It is likely that there would be a graphic to show the
results, with comments. Make sure that you put a copy of this research tool in the Appendix,
and refer to it in the body of the text.

2.0 Location of the Business Premises

In this part you will need to describe where you would locate your business and why.
3.0 Management Structure

In this part, you should consider the structure you would use in your business. It may be
that the initial structure would be very different for a later one.
4.0 Motivating Staff

In this part, describe how you feel you would be able to motivate your staff.
5.0 Managing Across Cultures
It is likely that your business will employ staff from outside the UAE; consider
how you will manage this staff.
6.0 Women in Business

In this part, you will need to consider whether you consider there is a role for women in
your business.
7.0 Sectors of the Economy

As this is a manufacturing business, you will need to describe how you would deal with
each sector: primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary.
8.0 Production Strategies

In this part, you should consider the logistics strategies you will use – push strategy /
pull strategy? Also consider the quality control.

9.0 Product Recognition: Logo and Slogan

In this part, describe how you would brand your product and why. Make sure that
you include a copy of your logo, either in the body of the report or the appendix. If it is in
the Appendix, refer to it in the body of the text.
10.0 Marketing
Describe how you would market your product. What is your target group?
11.0 Conclusion
Reflect on how – if at all – this project could be of use in your business career
(including teamwork).



            This is a research on starting an ice cream factory business. It is aimed at getting the required information that would help ambitious people who may be interested in starting their factories big or small. There is also an outline of how the future business would run its cooperation with other sectors of the economy, the role of women, staff motivation, production strategies, and marketing strategies. This research includes a survey that we conducted for guidance in our target group. This survey is intended to give an idea whether establishing an ice cream factory business deserves a try. There are charts with statistics of the various groups of people and the ice cream consumption for each group. In addition, a presentation summarizes the whole project. The research also intends to show the importance of teamwork and co-operation in starting and running a business. We are hopeful that the research helps in the putting up and running of an ice cream factory business.


Pure Ice cream Company are the makers of the famous kwality type of ice. It is located in the Sharjah; UAE .It is one of the oldest pioneers of ice cream manufacturing factories in the gulf region and has good reputation in making quality ice cream brands. Earlier on, kwality brand of ice cream was made available through imports from the…It was then that the PIC opened its first operation factory in the gulf. His Excellency Sheikh Faisal bin Khaled pioneered the coming up with this factory. The first company to implement the idea of starting an ice-cream factory business was well embraced by the PIC who started the business According to the PURE ICE CREAM CO. LLC, (2014), the Pure Ice Company (PIC) has the kwality factory in India as a link, and these two companies used to work as separate entities but merged later on.


The survey indicated that the ice-cream consumer satisfaction is way below the expected limit. From these result, we resolved to partner and establish an ice-cream factory that would meet the specification of our target group, which is the youth. It was also notable that the Vanilla flavor is the most liked and that the consumers have the challenge of delivery. To solve this problem, we intend to establish a means of door-to-door delivery in our ice-cream product. We also intend to make the larger portion of our products be the vanilla type as it is the preferred among the youth.

The primary research

In our search for an investment area in ice-cream production, we interviewed people around Sharjah and came up with the following statistical information.


The pie chart (Appendix 1) shows that the large portion of the population of the dwellers of Sharjah is mainly the youth followed closely by children. Men and women are few and we therefore opted for the youth as our target group. Another pie chat (Appendix 2), obtained shows the rate of ice-cream consumption among the dwellers of Sharjah. It shows that the youth consume the larger portion of the total ice-cream produced in Sharjah. Out of these findings, we resolved to create products that favor the youth more so that we could realize maximum profits.

Location of the business

Our factory would be located in the streets of Sharjah at a common shopping mole. Shopping moles attract many people and situating our business in a classy shopping mole would guarantee us of unending customers. The name of our business would be Quality Ice cream manufacturers. This closely relates to the famous brand of the PIC Company. According to Chapman, (2014), an ice cream business requires a location that is near the consumers.

Management structure        

Chief Executive Officer
Finance manager
Human resource manager
Finance manager
Accounting manager
Manufacturing manager

Motivating Staff Members

In order to create a good environment that would make our staff work to achieve the institution goals, we would follow closely the feedback of our staff. Their opinion would be highly appreciated and any helpful information would be put into practice. We would also create a forum for self-expression whereby the employees would put across what they feel ids not right in the organization. In our factory, we would carry out orientation to the new employees especially those from outside the UAE on the way to conduct them in the workplace. We would inform them on the business culture to avoid collisions in future

The Role of Women in the Business

In our business, we would employ female employees especially in marketing our products. Women have the convincing power in marketing. We would also put women in managerial positions for the success of our business (Hatch, 2012).

Relationship with the Other Sectors of the Economy

As a manufacturing company, we would be under the secondary sector of the economy. We would therefore have a good relationship with the primary sector to provide raw materials such as milk. We would also have a good relationship with the tertiary sector for good marketing of our products. In order to cope with the competition around Sharjah and in the surrounding areas as well as importers of ice cream, we would invent other flavors of ice cream that people would like. We would also upgrade other ice cream flavors that have been in the market to meet the rising competition as suggested by Hurst, (2014).

Product Recognition

For customers to take note of our products from a distance, we would use eye-catching logo. The logo of our company is at the appendix would contain some attracting samples of ice cream. To market our product, we would target the youth. This is because they are the larger part of the population. From our research, we found out that the youth prefer the vanilla flavor of ice cream. We would therefore engage our mass production in vanilla flavor production.


This project ha has been of benefit in terms of teamwork. Teamwork ensured co-operation of different ideas into making the project successful. In our future business, we would embrace discussion and teamwork to make our business successful. We would also make use of women in the management and marketing teams.

Appendix 1

Appendix 2

Appendix 3


Yummy ice cream…..

Ice cream everyday!!!


Appendix 4

The following is a survey that we carried out before getting the conviction of starting the ice cream factory business. These questions gave us an idea of what the dwellers of Sharjah really wanted. The survey was addressed to teenagers in Sharjah to get the feeling of what they liked since they are the majority in the area.

  1. What is your name?
  2. What is your gender?

Male               female

  1. What is your age range?




Prefer not to say

  1. What flavors of ice cream do you like?





Others specify


  1. For how long have you been taking ice cream?

Less than six months

1-3 Years

Three-less than 5 years

More than five years


  1. How often do you take your desired ice-cream flavor?

Once a week

Twice a week


On irregular basis

  1. Do the nearby ice-cream manufacturers meet your specific taste?



Prefer not to say

  1. If an ice-cream factory with a lot more variety would be started near this place, how likely is it that you would tell a friend about the new factory?

Very likely


Somewhat likely




Very unlikely

Somewhat unlikely

  1. How would you rate your overall satisfaction with the ice-cream variety of your choice?

Very satisfied


Somewhat satisfied


Somewhat dissatisfied

Very dissatisfied

  1. What are your recommendations on the current ice-cream varieties in the UAE?

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