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write why I choose the FBI for an Interview, the process that I need to get the interview, the requirements to get in FBI, what kind of questions they ask during the interview.



I chose the FBI as my investigative agency, the FBI means the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI is a domestic intelligence and security service of the United States, its headquarters are in Washington DC it was founded on 26th July 1908 by J Edgar Hoover, Theodore Roosevelt, and Charles Joseph Bonaparte. I choose the FBI as my career choice agency because I love the act of peace maintenance in our country, I especially would like to be a detective one day and help put out criminals in the society. Currently, the agency has over 34, 000 employees, the agency is very strict on the qualifications for their employees; this is to ensure that there are quality services within the agency to the people in the US.

Job Description

             The FBI is one of the largest criminal investigation organizations in the US; however, becoming an FBI agent has become very competitive; the FBI Agent Edu org (1) provides the following qualifications to be an FBI agent:

  • Candidate should hold a bachelor’s degree that is common with investigation activities, a master’s degree is not a must but it increases the applicant’s chance to be hired into the organization.
  • The candidate should be a U.S citizen, aged between 23-36 years of age unless seeking a veteran waiver.
  • The candidate must consent to a background check and drug test, they also need to be physically fit and pass the physical test which includes a timed run, sprint, sit-ups, and an untimed push-up test.
  • The candidate should have good patience a skill since the job can be very tiring and hard therefore requires a person who can deal with a lot of stress at once.
  • The candidate must be ready to be called at work at any time, an FBI agent is considered to be on duty 24 hours a day for seven days and they might also be called in on holidays.

Employment Process

In reference to Writers Staff (1) the process to be an FBI agent begins with a person first acquiring the necessary education to be even considered one must have an overall 3.0 GPA and two-year working experience. After having the above qualifications one can now begin with the short application process, you have to first to fill in the application form that requires a lot of personal information from the candidate; the application form covers most of the qualifications required as an agent such as the educational background. One has to also fill a resume describing the abilities that can qualify you to become an agent; for me, I have a bachelor’s degree in criminology and I have worked as a police officer for 2 years which provides me with the necessary qualifications to be an agent. After filling in the application forms and a resume, I have to undergo an extensive interview, written tests, polygraph tests, background checks, and drug tests.

During this process, I will be forced to sign a release that allows the FBI to retrieve all my past records including work and medical records. After the completion of the process if I am picked as a qualified candidate I will be required to report to Quantico the FBI academy for training and I will afterward be placed in my respective division. During my research I realized that the FBI is very keen in the type of candidates they recruit in their agency, these procedures are very precise and no procedure can be overlooked, this ensures that the team hired by the agency is highly qualified and can provide quality services to US citizens.

Job Interview Process

The process of the job interview process is a very wide procedure for an FBI agent to ensure that nothing is overlooked and all agents are hired based on their qualifications. The agency has an interview board that scrutinizes all applicants and interviews them during the employment procedure. According to Karlitz, (34) the interview process ensures that the candidate has all the necessary qualifications required by the agency for an FBI agent after all the qualifications are identified in a candidate. The board now begins with specific interview questions that help distinguish different potentials among the applicants, the interview questions are mainly based on criminal works and other personal attitudes and believes that an applicant processes.

Interview Questions

The board compiles interview questions that as an applicant you will be required to answer, I came up with some mock questions that may constitute the real interview questions by the FBI.

  1. What are your basic strengths that may contribute positively to the FBI agents?
  2. What are your great weaknesses?
  3. How will you deal with extensive stressful situations that come with working for the FBI?
  4. Have you ever gone beyond the call of duty for another person? If yes when?
  5. The FBI will only higher 10% of the applicants why should we higher you?
  6. Are you willing to accept an assignment anywhere in the United States that would be for the length of at least two years?
  7. Why do you want to join the FBI?


In my research on the FBI, I established that the employment process to be an FBI is very crucial; however, after much inquiry, I learned that the FBI has to ensure that every agent who works with them is morally right and is a person who cares about public safety. FBI agents get access to the most dangerous places in the country, dangerous weapons and dangerous people and the agency make certain that every candidate who joins the agency can handle all the pressure that comes with the job. I am very determined to be an agent in the FBI and serve my country.

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