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Part 1: Resignation Letter (300-500 words). Please include word count at the top of the first page.
Reading Assignment:
Your task is to prepare yourself by first reading the ?resignation letters? section in The Business Writer?s Handbook (pp. 490-491). Then write a letter with appropriate headings and signature (it will have to be electronic in this case) in which you ?resign? from Business Writing 104A. As with any resignation letter, you want to begin on a positive note. Make sure to point out what you have gained from ?working? in this class. It would be appropriate to talk about your collaborative projects and the colleagues you have been associated with throughout the quarter, as well as what you feel you will take away from the course. In most resignation letters you would explain why you are leaving; in this case, tell me a little about your future goals and your plans after you leave the class. You might even include how you imagine using skills you have honed in the class in your future endeavors. Remember to keep a professional tone throughout and avoid negative or angry comments. In a real resignation letter you would likely want to keep a good rapport with your employer in case you need to use him/her as a reference, the same is true here.
Part 2: Self-Assessment Memo (400-600 words). Please include a word count within the heading of the memo, as you have done throughout the course.
Write a memo assessing your own work as a writer and your contributions to the collaborative work you have done for this course. Summarize and analyze the current state of your writing, the progress you have made since the beginning of the quarter, and what aspects of your writing and collaborating skills that still need improvement. Some questions you may wish to address include:
? What have you learned since the beginning of the quarter?
? What are your strengths and weaknesses as a writer?
? What strategies have you developed to generate ideas, compose, revise, and edit drafts?
? What do you still need to improve?
? What have you learned about collaboration this quarter and how might this be useful to you in the future?
? How would you characterize your own contributions to the group project?
? What will you do differently the next time you have to work on a collaborative project?


Resignation letter (335)

John Doe

22 Smith Street


5th June 2014

Dr. Vanessa Rapatz, Business Writing Lecturer.

353 Voorhies Hall

One Shield Avenue

Davis, CA 95616

Dear Dr. Vanessa Rapatz,

My name is John Doe. I am a student at the university majoring in Marketing and my minor is Information Technology. I am sorry to inform you that I will be leaving the 104A Business Writing class that you teach. I have mixed feelings about the decision am making since I have gained so much from the course and I liked it a lot but I have to move on and follow other endeavors. The main reason for making this decision is that my major, Marketing, is very demanding and I have to give it more attention to avoid failure.

I have gained worthy skills that will come in handy while addressing formal business issues. I was able to learn how to write formal letters, memoranda, and formal notices that are a common norm in the business world. During the quarter I was working with other colleagues on class projects and I was able to direct some of the skills I picked from your class to finish the project successfully. I have been able to join a group of students who have a club, The Student Writers Association; this group has further helped improve on my writing abilities as a student. After joining this club, I have had an opportunity to join the local paper to write a column about “Marketing and the Student Community.” This opportunity will reflect well on my resume at the end of my course.

I will follow up on other business writing opportunities that come my way as I follow my business aspirations. It was a privilege to have been part of your class and I wish that you carried on with your teaching career and all other endeavors successfully. I will be glad to be of help whenever am given the chance.

Yours sincerely,

J Doe

John Doe.

Self- Assessment Memo

To: Dr. Vanessa Rapatz

From: John Doe

Date: 5 June 2014

Word count: 407

My name is John Doe. I am a student at the university majoring in Marketing and my minor is Information Technology. During the course of the quarter, I have been able to harness new business writing skills. Given my area of interest, it is rather mandatory to know how to address other people formally especially by writing. During the quarter, I was able to learn how to write a resume and a memo this will come in handy after I complete the course work and during the course of my education. These two skills are important to me because as business related student I will have to come across scenarios that would require me to use these writing skills.

As a student, I have realized that I have certain strengths and weaknesses. During the quarter, I became a resourceful in coming up with ideas and I was able to translate these ideas into understandable statements by writing them down. I also have contributed numerous times by sharing examples of certain issues in class and in the group sessions. Working in groups has also helped me realize that I am a good at conflict resolution; this has helped me relate well with people better over time. I also complete my assignments early enough to ensure that I do them in the best way possible. I have a weakness to overdo certain things, such as, focusing on an issue so much that it derails me off the main agenda. I will base my improvements on grammar and maintaining focus on the issues at hand so that I become more efficient to those am working with. These improvements will enhance my writing skills even more come next quarter.

As a collaborator, I have been prudent in coming up with ideas and am also good in editing and formatting word documents and power point presentations. Given a chance to work in a group I will make sure, I use my strengths to the group’s advantage. This is due to the realization that while working as a group each individual has a strong point and a weak point and they all complement each other to ensuring the success of every individual. This has helped me work cordially with my group members and in future, I will be able to improve even more on my career as a marketer.

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