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Each student is to select an organization and perform a diversity audit.
For this part of the assignment, Identify the criteria that you will use for the audit.
These criteria will become the benchmarks that you will later use for evaluating the organization’s diversity initiatives.
The criteria must be based on research, not just your opinions.
You might also think of the criteria as a list of best practices. PLEASE INCLUDE REFERENCES!!!


Organizations normally consist of diverse structures in its normal running. The criteria to be used in auditing a given organization should be based on the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and the equal opportunities act (Louwers, 2007). The criteria for a diversity audit will be based mostly on staff  and employees application forms, advertising programs, training and development of the workforce, recruitment, self-respect at work, development of equal opportunities, retention and progression in regards to the workforce, and pay banding. In addition, the audit will look into personal information of everyone present in the organization, organization culture, interview process, and the opportunities available to the minorities and women in the firm. In the actual audit process, each of the above-mentioned categories will have about three to four specific questions that would be obtained by reading the handbooks or during interview sessions.

The criteria for the audit will cover the entry level for employees and the management in general. The audit will cover into details the representation of different groups of people including race, physical and mental challenges, age of the employees and executives, sand ethnicity. In addition, human capital programs that help in the recruitment, selection, retention, and support of a diverse workforce will be looked into. Such programs will include employee resource groups, supple holiday policies, mentoring programs, recruitment efforts, and stakeholder benefits. The diversity audit will also include a close study of the organization’s mission and value statements in its planning procedures.

Supplier diversity programs will be put into consideration and corporate social responsibility programs that will contribute individual’s resources thereby causing beneficial outcome to the different work groups in the organization. Moreover, managers will be held accountable for coaching, selecting, hiring, recruiting, promoting, or firing of diverse employees. The audit will allow employees to provide their input in giving their thoughts regarding the workforce and thereby helping the managers identify areas of weakness to be strengthened (Graham, Hanlon, & Shevlin, 2011).

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