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For this assignment, you are to examine the application form and pay rates of a job for which a CFaSST (Commercial Food Safety & Service Training) graduate might apply. Select a job and/or company online, and review the application form for an entry-level job. If necessary to see all the questions on the application form, start entering your data into the form so as to advance through all the questions on the application.
What to submit: Please address the following questions in the form of a REPORT. Do NOT simply reiterate the questions. Write a report in which you answer these questions, complete with an introduction and conclusion. Get right to the point with a few words a possible. Strong thesis required in the introduction.
1. What parts of the application would be most difficult for a non-native English-speaking refugee to complete and why? Be very specific in describing this. If a particular question was difficult, state what the question was asking. Please sure to describe the position and the company you are examining. (2 pts)
2. What questions on the application were most effective in appropriately screening out candidates who would not meet the qualifications for the job? Why? (3 pts)
3. What questions and/or qualifications on the application do you think screened out, unnecessarily, some candidates who actually might be good candidates for the job? Why? Your rationale in the form of evidence/support with proper citations is necessary. Citations to sources that agree with and support your conclusions are required. (3 pts)
4. What changes to the online application process and job qualifications would you change? Please be specific in the changes you would make and provide a rationale for these changes. For example, do not simply say that you think the company should ask better questions. Instead, specifically state what questions you would ask and why. Your rationale in the form of evidence/support with proper citations is necessary. Citations to sources that agree with and support your conclusions are required. (7 pts)
1. What would be the take-home pay (after taxes) for this job? Do some investigating, including calling headquarters and speaking to HR to find out the rate of pay or finding the rate of pay for a similar job at another company. Also, look up what the taxes would be and make sure to subtract this amount from the gross pay to calculate the net pay (take-home pay) (3 pts)
2. Complete an estimate of a CFaSST student’s living expenses (for him/her and two young dependents for which he/she is responsible, ages two and four years of age, plus another adult), such as housing, utilities (electric, gas), phone, cable, transportation (if a car, be sure to think about insurance, maintenance, and fuel), food, clothing, diapers, childcare, healthcare (to purchase insurance plus out-of-pocket expenses, including deductibles), school supplies, renter’s insurance, and miscellaneous expenses (you must include this category as it covers things such as supplies, such as cleaning products, toiletries, light bulbs, etc.). Be sure to include all expenses for which this person is responsible (i.e., self, children, another adult). Use city, state, or national averages for expenses and be sure to cite your sources. (10 pts)
3. If this person worked full time in this position, would it cover his/her expenses? Be sure to take into consideration the various federal and state taxes that will be subtracted from this person’s take-home pay (2 pts)
4. What structural changes to jobs and/or compensation in typical entry-level hospitality positions would you make so that higher wages could be paid and the companies could still make a profit? You need to think deeply about this and cite sources to support your ideas. Note that this question is worth 40 points, so I am expecting a deep analysis and substantial backing (citations of sources that agree with and/or provide evidence to justify your ideas). You will need to think about, describe, and manage cause-and-effect relationships. For example, if you suggest raising the minimum wage, what effect would this have on employers, consumers, etc. and how would you manage this? (40 pts)
5. Professional appearance (5 pts)



Farm Foods is a privately owned firm in the UK that deals in meat manufacturing. The company began to freeze its products to enable a wider geographical distribution to catering outlets. Due to the company’s growth, many employees are being employed to meet the customers’ demands. The company offers job opportunities to Commercial Food Safety and Service Training graduates who are supposed to fill online application forms. The following report examines the application form and pay rates for a graduate who wishes to become a food safety auditor, it further discusses the selection criterion of the graduates and the compensation they are supposed to be given by the company.


The selection process of employees by Farmfoods Company involves an online application process. The interested individuals fill the application form and send the information to the company. However, the application process experiences some problems. For instance, some parts of the application seem difficult for a non-native English-speaking refugee who has qualified for the job. It is difficult for a non-native English-speaking refugee to explain whether he or she had previously been involved in any crime. This is because they fear about the decision that the employer will make about them. One of the questions in Farmfoods company application form asks the applicants if they have ever been involved in crime, if the answer is yes, then the applicant must describe the whole incident.

Farmfoods Company has designed its application forms such that they are able to determine the most appropriate candidates for the job. For example, questions such as if the graduate would like to work full time or part time, if the applicant has ever worked in the previously in the company, and if the applicant has the right to work in the UK. Applicants who choose to work part time may not be considered because the company will operate at a loss with the many customers it serves globally. The company would also consider those who have previously worked in one of its branches to ensure there is experience.

In addition, questions such as; if the applicant has a driving license and whether the applicant has ever been involved in a crime would unnecessarily screen out some qualified candidates for the job. Since the people being employed are fresh graduates, it is possible they might not posses driving licenses although they are qualified. On the question about crime, applicants might have been involved in crime in their past life but decided to change for the better. Farmfoods does not consider people who had previously been involved in crime. By including such questions in the application form, the company might unknowingly disqualify the right employees and end up with unqualified candidates for the job.

Farmfoods Company needs to make changes on the online application process by eliminating questions relating to a person’s experiences. For example, the company should not demand to know a person’s past criminal records because most of the cases were accidental and unnecessary. The company should also lower the job qualifications required mostly because they are offering an entry-level job for fresh graduates. Qualifications that ask for long time experience should not be included in the application forms. Possession of a driving license should not also be included as one of the job’s requirements. The application form should also include a section where the applicant should list hobbies and areas of interests. The company should indicate a section in the application form that shows the applicant’s skills of strong communication, decision making, analytic, and computer skills (Mensah & Julien, 2011).


The salary of a food safety auditor varies from company to company and from country to country. The variations occur depending on many factors such as the level of education, place of work, level of experience, and the specific job responsibilities. The estimated salaries of the same job in different countries per year include, United States is $64,660, Canada is $55,376, and Alberta is $37.1 per hour. Since Farmfoods is located in the United States, the approximated salary per year after deduction of taxes would be $56,000 ($64,660-$8660=$56,000) (Clotfelter, 2007).

The following represents an estimate of a CFaSST student living expenses applying for the job of a food safety auditor in the United States. The rent varies from $16,600-$24,300 per month including electricity and gas for cooking. The amount used for phones and internet is $80-$100, since the student does not own a car; transportation of around $1,200 is included. The amount allocated for food, diapers, healthcare, and clothing is around $2800. Other expenses such as cleaning products, toiletries, light bulbs, school supplies and miscellaneous expenses are estimated at around $1000 (Piketty & Saez, 2006). If the job applicant decides to work full time, it is possible to cater for all the expenses. Even after taxes by the government, such as income tax and value added tax, the person has money to save.

Employment structures change from one company to another with time. For example, use of modern technology would reduce the number of employees in a given company. The amount of compensation would increase and increasing productivity on the hand due to the use of machines to most of the activities. By applying this, the company’s expenses on wages will increase but still make substantial profits. The change in technology causes obsolescence of skills, increased number of vacations and permanent changes that lead to structural unemployment. The change in technology and methods of operation represents a cause and effect relationship.

By raising the minimum wage, businesses will suffer losses, price of commodities will increase, and finally productivity lowers due to poor working conditions. This eventually leads to unemployment. At the macro level, a substantial increase in the minimum wage is likely to have great impacts across the world economy. The raising of minimum wage will also reduce choices at the disposal of consumers. Employees will be negatively affected because most of the will be laid off indefinitely. The condition is managed by increasing the compensation for employees in a company. The wage shift depends on a company’s compensation structure and therefore it is not rigid (Waltman, 2008).


In conclusion, different companies present different work opportunities to employees. Each company sets the qualification levels and incorporates them in the application forms. The company determines its employees’ compensation and wage rates depending on the prevailing economic status. The company should make sure that the employees get wages that cater for all their expenses even with taxation.

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