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A 2 ½ – 3 page double-spaced essay on the origins of the Republican and Democrat Parties,
What their current beliefs are and are they the same as those from their beginnings,
Compare and contrast those two party’s current political platforms,the current makeup of the House of Representatives and US Senate,
and choose two current independent parties or candidates and compare and contrast them to the Democrat and Republican Parties.


The Democratic Party is the oldest party in the United States formed in 1792 although the modern Democratic Party was formed in 1828 (Independence Hall Association, 2013). The purpose of the Democratic Party was to stand in opposition against the Federalist Party in upcoming elections. Throughout the 19th century, the party supported slavery, and it opposed civil rights reforms after the Civil War in order to maintain the support of Southern voters. On the hand, the Republican Party was founded in July 1854 in Michigan. The Republican Party placed the national interests above the sectional interest and above the state’s rights. The founders totally opposed slavery, which was on a climax at that time. Republican Party dominated politics nationally for most of the period between 1860 and 1932 (Independence Hall Association, 2013).

Democratic Party upholds the fundamental principal of opportunity whereby every citizen deserves the opportunity to work hard, play by the rules and prosper. The party also believes in fairness and justice in terms of not only laws and regulations but also valuing the state (Besley, Persson, & Sturm, 2010). It is the duty of every Democrat to ensure and keep a watchful eye for any injustice that shatter the American dream of equality liberty, and opportunity. The Democrat party believes in progressiveness whereby the community and the nation have a moral obligation to lead in a forward direction (Besley, Persson, & Sturm, 2010). No one individual or group should stand in the way of another individual’s personal choice, personal liberty, or personal faith thereby causing a backward movement for the country. Moreover, the party believes in taking action based on the results in face of the opposition. The dated beliefs of the Democrat party included equality for everyone, conservativeness, and being a party of FDR, JFK, Great Society, and the New Deal (Besley, Persson, & Sturm, 2010).

On the other hand, the current beliefs of the Republican party include the second amendment that oppose gun control, death penalty for particular cases, United States having a strong military and giving of school vouchers for parents who take their children in private schools in areas with decreasing school system. Furthermore, the party believes in less government spending, lower taxes for everyone, capitalism, and less government control over the economy. The old beliefs of the Republican Party revolved around slavery, civil war, race, and reconstruction of the union to a more powerful union.

The Republican Party claims that social security should be privatized while the Democratic Party claims that it should remain a government sponsored insurance plan for retirees. On the issue of healthcare, the Republican wishes to keep it private while the Democrat supports federally funded healthcare programs (Layman, Carsey, & Horowitz, 2006). The Republican Party has limited say on gun control while the Democratic Party has a strict gun control. Gay marriages are highly opposed by the Republican Party while the Democratic Party generally supports the gay marriages. In addition, the Republican supports tax cuts, repeal of the death tax penalty, and interest rates to stimulate the economy while the Democratic Party supports raising taxes on the wealthy and lowering it for the middle class. Finally yet importantly, the Democratic Party believes in a limited missile defence while the Republican Party believes in a proactive military and defence. The senate is composed of 53 Democratic Party members and 45 Republican Party members. On the other hand, the house of representatives has 435 Democratic Party members and 234 Republican Party members.

            Hillary Clinton (New York) is Democratic Party candidate for the upcoming 2016 general elections. She expects to beat the potential Democratic rivals with ease. Hillary’s manifesto includes fixation of the economy, which is in a shaky position. Mitt Romney (California) is one of the main presidential candidates anticipated in 2016 with Republican Party. Romney will be ready to fight for the Republicans to win the elections. He is expected to receive less competition mostly because the current Democrat president has served the maximum terms in office.

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