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Reflection essay

Think about your own experiences with borders (not necessarily just international borders, but any borders that exist in your experience).
You will be able to think of a number of anecdotes about your own experiences with borders. Think about what generalizations you could make on the basis of your experiences: do they conflict with your opinions and beliefs, or do they support them? To what extent?
Choose a thesis to defend, stating either:
what borders are,
how they operate in the modern world,
why they might be of more or less importance than is generally thought, or
what actions could be taken to make improvements.
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It is obviously not possible for a normal human being to live without various personal experiences. Most of these experiences happen naturally and therefore, it is difficult to avoid them. The nature of experience either supports one’s beliefs and opinions or completely fails to support them. Life experiences have borders that dictate the extent to which a person should act. Different personal experiences with borders operate in different ways in the modern world.

For instance, I had not experienced an accident caused by fire for a long time. I was shocked when a fire broke out recently and almost razed the whole estate. It was so chaotic that it instilled fear in every person that was around at the time. An accident caused a huge loss to the society making me fear anything related to fire. The strangest thing about the fire was that a wax candle started it, and for the better part of my life, I never thought such a tiny object could cause a very huge loss. This experience has definitely changed my thinking, opinions, and beliefs about fire negatively. Fire may be caused through trivial mistakes made by individuals and cause a loss that affects a whole village. In the modern world, people are supposed to take all precautions necessary to avoid fire accidents. I suppose that people should have accessibility to fire fighting instruments to reduce the risk of such accidents affecting huge areas.

Drugs are dangerous substances when consumed without a prescription from a specialist. During my youthful age, I used was engaged in serious drug trafficking and abuse. For a long time, I thought I was doing the right thing until I found myself in the hardest situation. I had become an addict in use of hard drugs and as a result rehabilitated for two years. The two years must have been my worst ever moments in life. Drugs abuse affected me and the people around seriously. The use of drugs made me to experience serious mental problems. For example, one does not escape depression and a lot of anxiety. Other negative effects of drug abuse that changed my opinions and beliefs about drugs include attention deficit, bipolar disorder, and antisocial personality disorder. Individuals who wish to succeed in life should avoid use of drugs as they cause one to move steps backwards in life development. In the modern world, drugs lead to conflicts and unnecessary spending and therefore, it is important to avoid them.

Peer pressure refers to the influence one feels from a person or a group of individuals to indulge in something one considers wrong. This behavior is prompted by one having the feeling of being inferior or less experienced than the people around. Peer pressure has been a challenge in my life as it has caused many difficulties in my way of living. I have engaged in alcohol and drug abuse, choosing unworthy friends, decision to be involved in early relationships, and poor academic performance. Peer pressure has greatly affected how I associate with the rest of the world around. I came to realize this behavior was totally against the morals and beliefs I had grown knowing since the tender age. In the current world, peer pressure has led young people in doing many wrongs and some even lose their lives in the process. It is a vice that the current generation should say no to and lives according to the values and the opinions of where they come from.

Staying out too late could be very inappropriate. Recently, I was engaged in an accident that shaped my life. It is during one of my visits to my best friend where I spent a lot of time until very late in the night. On my way home, a very mysterious creature that left me almost dead attacked me. It was so painful to undergo the necessary treatment and it used up a lot of precious time and finances. I had always had the thought that walking in the dark was safe until I met this day. This experience made me change the beliefs and opinions from other people about walking in the darkness. Generally, travelling at night has nothing wrong with it but it all depends where one is located. In the modern world, this experience has made people to enhance safety by installing security lights and gadgets to safeguard their safety.

In conclusion, personal life experiences bring great impact in the life of different individuals. For me, I have learned the best out of the experiences I have gone through. The experiences either conflict with one’s opinions and beliefs or support them on the other hand. If a life experience is negative, it will most likely change the way one behaves and relates to other people. On the other hand, experiences that show the positive side of person supports his or her opinions and beliefs. Experiences with borders have helped in shaping the modern world by prompting those affected to take the necessary actions.

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