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EN 206: English Literature II Essay Instructions
Format and Length: This is a formal analytical essay using MLA guidelines for documentation and format. Your essay should:
1. include a header in the top left margin with your name, date, and course name
2. include a content-related title, centered on the line
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You do not need any outside sources except for the primary source you?re analyzing.

Essay Goal: The aim is to produce an essay that is academic in tone (and, of course, free of informal language and frequent technical/usage errors) and analyzes a major work closely in order to respond to one of the essay prompt options. You do not have to use one of the prompts I?ve given you, but if you choose a different topic, you need to e-mail me that topic for approval 2 weeks before the Essay deadline. I suggest using the PowerPoint presentations included in the Course Resources folder on the Course Menu to assist you with how to approach the poetry or fiction you?ve chosen

My topic is here:
Alfred, Lord Tennyson is an important person for the Victorians?he is even Poet Laureate for a time. During his lifetime, there was a common belief, or theory, about gender: the theory of ?Separate Spheres.? This theory maintained that men and women were alike in nothing; men should do masculine things, women should do feminine things, and never the twain shall meet. Examine his female characters?Mariana and the Lady of Shalott. What is it about their circumstances, individually or together, that might serve as Tennyson?s commentary on this theory? What do you think Tennyson?s position on women?s rights was?

This topic relate to two poem as follow:
1. Mariana
2. “The Lady of Shalott”

I. Introduction:

II. Body :

III. Conclusion:


Analysis of Mariana in the moated Grange and The Lady of Shallot Poems based on the separate sphere theory

The two poems, Mariana in the Moated Grange and The Lady of Shallot by the Victorian poet Alfred Lord Tennyson, supports the separate sphere theory by describing the sad and enclosed life the two character women lived. In “Mariana in the Moated Grange”, Mariana is enclosed in an old farmhouse, described by the falling of the rusted nails from the wall, waiting for her lover. The lady of Shallot lives in an isolated island within the four great walls and four great towers. Tennyson uses imagery and symbolism in a manner that helps support the separate spheres theory. According to this theory, women should remain at home taking care of the domestics while men are actively involved outside the home.

In Mariana in the Moated Grange, Mariana lives a sad and an unsettled life waiting for a lover who seem never to come as she says, “He cometh not” (Line 10). She gets into a state of despair as she waits. Tennyson uses melancholy and personifies the sheds, “The broken sheds look’d sad and strange,” (Line 5). The lonely state depicted in the environment around Mariana is in line with her grief and depression. Imagery is used extensively in the poem to bring out the similarity of the inside and the outside world of Mariana. For example, “A sluice with blacken’d waters slept, /And o’er it many round and small, / The cluster’d marish-mosses crept. (Lines 38-40).

The poplar tree in this poem for example, symbolizes a tall phallic symbol. “The shadow of the poplar fell / Upon her bed, across her brow” (Lines 55 and 56). Mariana gets distressed when the shadow of the poplar tree falls on her bed, which is a clear indication of her frustrations resulting from the absence of her lover. “She only said, “My life is dreary / He cometh not,” she said; / She said, “I am aweary, aweary, / I would that I were dead!” (Lines 9-12). Mariana keeps repeating the wish of her death , her life and the surroundings are so dreary that she would rather be dead. Even in her loneliness, Mariana still believes that her lover will come, “Old faces glimmer’d thro’ the doors / Old footsteps trod the upper floors / Old voices called her from without” (lines 66-68).

The Lady in the poem “Lady of Shallot” by Tennyson is confined in a castle within “four gray walls, and four gray towers” (Line 15). She remains unseen, but her voice is sometimes heard by reapers as they reap early in the bearded barley; “Listening, whispers Tis the fairy / Lady of Shalott” (Lines 35 and 36). She works on her weaving a tapestry of all the sights of the outside world. She can only see the outside world through a mirror that hangs on her wall. She is under a curse to live in isolation and cannot even look to the outside world directly. The lady of Shallot is oblivious of her outside world and only gets to know of her curse through whispers. This shows how much of an enclosed life she lives.

Part I of the poem, describes her surrounding which clearly shows she lives in an isolated place, “On either side the river lie”, / “Long fields of barley and of rye” (Lines 1 and 2). She is completely shuttered from the outside world. She confesses that she is half sick after seen young lovers but this vision is preceded by a vision of a funeral. This may symbolize her death due to love. “A funeral, with plumes and lights / And music, went to Camelot / Or when the moon was overhead / Came two young lovers lately wed: / “I am half sick of shadows,” said / The Lady of Shalott” (Lines 66 – 72).

In part III, imagery describing the natural world is used to foreshadow the arrival of Sir Lancelot and the impending doom of the Lady of Shallot. “The sun came dazzling thro’ the leaves / And flamed upon the brazen greaves / Of bold Sir Lancelot.” (Lines 75 – 77). The vibrant description of the outside world parallels the inner emotions of the lady Shallot. She is excited to see sir Lancelot and the desire inside her is also growing big. When sir Lancelot rides by the window, the lady of Shallot gets the urge to finally break free from her lonely life and follow the man that she has fallen in love. As she leaves the castle, the mirror shatters and the tapestry rend symbolizing the impending danger. She is motivated and gets outside the castle and rides in a small boat despite the blowing storm which causes her sudden death.  .

Tennyson describes the world around the Lady of Shallot more than he does describe her, For example, “On either side the river lie / Long fields of barley and of rye / That clothe the world and meet the sky / And thro’ the field the road runs by / To many-tower’d Camelot” (Lines 1 – 5). The Lady of Shallot represents a woman who leaves a social obligation in pursuit of love.  She is supposed to remain unknown; this emphasizes the separate sphere notion, where woman’s work is inside the home, while men are involved in the active work outside the home. The reflection on the mirror shows her the outside world and reminds her of her confinement.  When she looks towards Camelot and to the outside world, she defies the regulations according to the separate sphere theory. She dares to encroach the males ‘world and suffers the consequences which is immediate death.

Tennyson been a Victorian, held in high regards the separate sphere theory. The theory suggests that there are separate spheres for men and women. Based on this ideology, men occupy the public sphere, where they are actively involved in activities such as politics and businesses. Women, on the other hand, occupy the enclosed sphere, including domestic life and home keeping. Both Mariana and The Lady of Shallot lived an enclosed life, away from the outside world. Even though this kind of a lifestyle caused them a lot of sadness, they were expected to endure. In cases of noncompliance, they suffered a lot, for example, The Lady of Shallot faced death after defying the requirements of this theory.

Evidently, Tennyson used imagery, symbolism and figurative speech to describe these two worlds in the two poems analyzed above. Through the description of the environment in both cases, he is able to heighten emotions experienced by the characters. According to him the women do not have so much say in the society and for them to avoid unnecessary trouble; they should settle and do what is expected of them within their own sphere. The women’s world should be in the home, while the men’s world is more open and involves working outside the home. Sadness and misery in a given sphere results from not been settled. Also, from the constant urge to know what is happening in the outside world. For example, The Lady of Shallot lost her life because she disobeyed this theory and left her home in pursuit of love.

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