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Write a literature review about the following:
Culture ((keep as subtitle))
tradition ((keep as subtitle))
identity((keep as subtitle))
and try to relate them to Qatar


Culture, Tradition, and Identity of Qatar


Orr (2008), noted that Qataris focuses on the importance of their families and religion as one of the ways of preserving their morals and values. He further elaborates that the Qatari culture is similar to that of other Islamic nations as far as rules of gender is concerned. The author indicates that the county is keen on ensuring that men and women are obliged to keep significant distances. The culture can be traced in the Holy Quran implying that that separating men from women is a culture supported by Allah. A critical review of the article reveals that men not allowed shaking hands or even touching in public places. The culture also exists in learning institutions where boys and girls learn in separate classrooms. The culture of men separating from women is further defined in business area. There are those periods where women are dedicated special hours to goods and services in business premises.

An article by Kabasakal & Dastmalchian (2001), demonstrates that Qatar is one of the Arab nations where religious laws dominate over secular laws. Further reading proves that the country appears to focus on feminism among other Arab nations. Additionally, the article divulges the culture of the county believe in destiny and fate. To illustrate, the author intricate that Qataris have a tendency of accepting that entire deeds that occurred sometimes back would occur in future.


Sobh et al (2010), studied that in Qatar, people have strictly adhered to traditional clothing despite the challenges posed by effect of modernity. The writer further observed that the country is based in Gulf region traditional dressing code is significantly valued. Seemingly, Qatari men and women believe that traditional clothing is a symbol of citizenship affirmation and cultural integrity that honor values of Muslims. The article further expose that the tradition of Qatari emphasizes that Women are obliged to wear outfits that will cover their entire bodies except hands and face. Additionally, Qatari women are forbidden to wear opaque and loose clothing to conceal attractive parts of their bodies. The researcher of the article established that Qatari value the tradition to an extent that shopping malls in the country focuses on selling Abaya. The cloth is designed in such a way that they hide the beauty of a woman.

Brebbia (2013) found out Qatari people still practice various traditional activities such as camel racing, horseracing, and falconry as one of the ways of observing the identity of the country. In addition, Qataris value traditional architectural activated that demonstrates their cultural identity. Traditional building designs such as building color, building form, building materials, structures, and openings are stile indent in the contemporary Qatar.


Walker & Green (2010), clarified that the term identity referred to the idea of sameness. The author further indicated that indicates passionate attachment existing between many people. The article further revealed that the term can be used to show existence of values, interests, and shared belief among particular group of people. Thus, the article demonstrates that identity is a term used to indicate an exclusive bond existing within a group of people.

Fromherrz (2012), studied that national identity of Qatari is a contentious issue because it is yet to be established. However, the author observed that the society of the country is more united compared to other Gulf Sate. Further reading illustrates that the country has experienced stable relations among the different ethnics. In addition, ethnic group identified as the Wahhabi Muslim Arabs. The ethnic group has put frantic effort in maintaining ultimate level of unity dominates the country.

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