Purpose of the Assignment

  1. The research paper is designed to assess the extent to which students:
  • are able to apply the critical thinking skills and knowledge acquired in the course;
  • are able to locate, evaluate and use information;
  • have fulfilled the requirements set by ZU regarding global awareness, information literacy and language fluency.


  1. “Russia is more important to the USA’s national interests than China.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Compare between both countries and say why its more important to USA. Provide three well-discussed reasons for your response.
  2. In your paper, you must:
  • Provide a brief but relevant context / introduction about the subject matter;
  • State your response CLEARLY and provide well-founded reasons/topic sentences. You must ensure that your position throughout the paper is CONSISTENT (this means that your topic sentences must support your thesis statement);
  • Illustrate your reasons with relevant examples, statistics and/or quotations, to make your argument as convincing as possible, drawing from our course materials and presentation discussions as much as possible.

Paper Guidelines

  1. Your paper, double-spaced and using Times New Roman sized-12 font, should be at least1,500 words (around 5 pages) in length (this excludes the bibliography). It must be a well-polished piece of work that reflects a high standard of competency in the English language.
  2. Proper in-text citation according to the APA style (or MLA style) must be provided for sentences, facts or ideas borrowed from external sources. All bibliography used during research must also be listed accordingly. A guide on citation styles is available from the library. Papers with improper citations will be penalized.
  3. Research for this assignment must demonstrate that you have used, understood and included a wide variety of sources including academic articles available through the Library’s electronic online database (Lexis-Nexis, ProQuest, JSTOR etc), magazine/newspaper articles, books or encyclopedias. Blogs, yahooanswers, wikipediaetc are NOT academic sources.You must use AT LEAST eightacademic sources.
  4. The paper is worth 15% (or 150 points) of your total course grade.



USA like any other nation acting on a global standard plays an important role in internationals duties; sometimes it is forced to act in a manner that it could otherwise have evaded. It is the world’s superpower and any efforts by any nation that disagree with its national interests raise issues of concern between it and the respective nation. Russia on the other hand is the most powerful nation in terms of nuclear power. Its power is comparable to that of the United States of America, which poses equal threat in terms of nuclear command. China on the other hand is the world’s richest in terms of finance. Almost all the nations depend on China to spend. It is therefore important that these three nations maintain a steady relationship to achieve their common interests.  The bureau of internationals information programs of U.S department of state publishes five electronic journals that examine major issues facing United States and the international community, as well as U.S society, values and institutions. America’s vital interests include nuclear weapons, energy, counter terrorism, geopolitics, international finance and strategic geography. United States has played a critical role in disarmament of nuclear weapons since time memorial condemning nations strongly against nuclear curiosity and their use. According to Siegel J.S (2006), one new journal is available in English followed by a version in Russian and preferred editions in Chinese. One political concentration of US is the desire to at no cost society, security and to live in harmony with every trading partner or nation. Towards establishing the foreign relations of USA, it comes out clear that both Russia and China need a strong relationship with United States than their ties with one another. Any mistake by the United States to antagonize the relationship between the two states will jeopardize the relationship that is otherwise not well off. For example, a series of bad-tempered exchanges came into sight, which leads to defense minister giving a set warning that any efforts to be in command of China would never succeed. United States has therefore to be in harmony with any other state to inculcate a health working relationship that promotes peace, love, unity and common interest amongst various co

Historical preview

President Obama and George Bush acknowledged nuclear weapons as the worst threat to America’s national interests. More than ninety-five percent of nuclear weapons are crazed by U.S and Russia. Russia can also tear down America in thirty minutes since it has power over a greater percentage of the world’s nuclear weapon. In April 1996, Russian president and his Chinese counterpart signed a credential that conventionalized a partnership between Russian alliance and the peoples’ republic of China. Relationship based on economic dependence and military alliance broke up in 1950 due to ideological disputes. Ties remained glacial until 1989 when they were normalized to form the current Sino-Russian premeditated partnership that has shown practical manifestations. Since then Russia has become a major source of energy to china, main supplier of arms to PRC. On April 2000 president Putin signed an agreement approving a new armed forces set of guidelines.

Common interests between Russia and China

The two lend a hand in the enlargement of China’s space line up and civil aviation sector and have conducted military exercises together. Late 2008 the two nations set on the long-standing border dispute and established mechanisms through which their president and prime ministers could hold meetings. Both nations exemplify themselves as developing countries with Russia trying to broaden its economic horizons while china is trying to do away with poverty. The governments of both nations are unwavering, totalitarian, proud, sensitive countries, administratively sensitized. They are wide-awake of their global position, status and degree of influence.

Differences between Russia and China

According to Bellacqua (2013), China is a getting higher power while Russia is on the way out of its interaction with the world. China is the most densely inhabited nation while Russia’s population is attenuating. China is a one party state while Russia chooses its leaders through managed elections. The two are culturally distant, Russia in Europe and China to Asia pacific.

According to Rozman (2008), it is the common position on security issues, benefits from sales of weaponry that impel Sino- Russian relationship to the fore. Both China and Russia are thin-skinned about their sovereignty since both are be bothered about independence issues. The two countries are both members of UN Security Council, however if their interests are not aligned they dead bolt horns.U.S and Russian wellbeing overlap in several ways which include shared desire to avoid nuclear war, prevent large number increase, and reduce terrorism. However, U.S. and Russian happiness in important ways rhyme, particularly with respect to the post-soviet freedom and obligation.

According to Wilson (2010), Russia is reluctant to be pushed to a state of disagreement where it has no national concerns and where it encounters United States in a way that may induce disputes or a state of misunderstanding. The two tend to be at loggerheads on their preferred many-sided institution for being in control of the region. Russia also views China as of economic threat. This will result to low sense of economic amalgamation. Russian leaders apprehend China as of little importance in terms of buying raw materials. Russia has oil and gas that China depends on for its economic growth and development; however, China tries to reduce its dependence on the Middle East countries. United States has to fit into place where both China and Russia has to jointly produce a concrete roadmap of ensuring maximum security of all kinds of weapons and highly enriched uranium all over the world.USA has to involve and implement a mutual relationship between the three nations to create a free working environment. USA government has to be at peace with the lists of terrorists’ organizations subject to sanctions. Russia and China both count to a larger extend in the security issues within the Middle East.

Comparison between Russia and USA

Russia is not a trustworthy state meaning it is not an easy nation. It is the world’s largest source of energy but faces the problem of dwindling population. Russia and USA are no longer enemies; the probability of Russia attacking USA in case of a nuclear accident has decreased which implies the relationship between the two has greatly improved. One of the objectives of American national interests is to keep an eye on the welfare of its citizens, which has to do so by ensuring cooperation of the highest standard between the respective governments. Russia is not important to USA since United States implements U.S concerns that maintain harmony between nations at loggerheads. Both ties are worried what will happen if United States works out of Afghanistan. This implies that neither Russia nor China is more important to USA national interests since any attempt by the US to destabilize either of the nations puts its working relationship at risk. In addition, the two ties exclusively depend on the United States for proper peacekeeping and order among the Middle East countries. Paramount welfare is as a result of net impact generated by three countries towards a common position in terms of security, nuclear weapons and global power. Both Russia and China are equally important to the national interest of USA.                   


Russia and China are equally important to USA national interests since they all share common interests of cooperating in terms of reducing weapons of mass destruction, solving issues to do with global disputes and countering terrorism. Despite collisions that arise from Beijing and Moscow from time to time, Russia and China intend to ensure a stable relationship with Washington. Russia has no effects on the national interests of USA more than China since Russia is decreasing in terms of global power as compared to China, which is adversely expanding its global power. Thus, the two play a role in stabilizing global power. China is not one of the members of any power group while Russia has focused on the East and the west actor. The two ties will form a strong cooperation that will not provoke any nation against them.

Both China and Russia are equally important to the national interests of USA as seen by the impact of America’s advance crises, which slowed down economic development of the two ties. USA needs China to finance it while China needs USA to spend. Russia depends on USA for speculation, development and to branch out its economy. American and Russian government principles hold opposing views therefore; it is difficult for the two to work together without sacrificing America’s key principles. Both have different political systems else no considerable way of dealing with Russia.

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