Assigned Reading:  The Skillful Teacher, Chapters 1-4, pages 1-40


  1. Answer the question with the asterisk (*). This question is required. Be prepared to share your response during SET-Up with the Learning Community.
  2. Select 4 additional questions of interest from the menu below and respond.
  3. Use the Reading Reaction template to write your responses in a Microsoft Word document. Each response should be between 250- 300 words.


*Identify two Essential Beliefs that challenge your thoughts about education and explain why.



Analyze the Seven Knowledge Bases for High-Expertise Teaching and describe why it is not enough for an educator to be just an expert in their content.


Examine the Ten Jobs of Teaching and describe three elements of successful teaching and learning that are new to you as part of an educator’s repertoire.



Why is the Skillful Teacher Framework organized into four functions?


Provide an example of how the nature of professional knowledge required by educators is defined by “performance, repertoires and matching, not effective behaviors”.


Explain the importance of a common language and concept system in education and describe how they impact the education profession.


Explain why high functioning (or high performing) teams are critical in the education profession, and what impact is made upon school culture if educators are not part of high functioning teams.


Describe the starting point for cultural proficiency and its importance in the learning community.


Identify 1-3 new ideas and/or concepts that you feel will enhance your ability to refine your skills as an educator, in your area of interest.


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