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The topic of my thesis is (The Impact of Social Media on Saudi Entrepreneurs)The whole thing is based on Saudi Market, Please make sure the survey or any other techniques you use are aimed for Saudi people or Saudi entrepreneurs.


1.0 Introduction

Saudi Arabia appears to have realized ideal potential provided by the social media.The Saudi Arabia religious police have come openly to commend how Twitter has become a highly popular social media amongSaudi citizens. The Saudi government indicates that has indicated the huge growth of the use of the social media in the county attracting a hot debate propelled by politics and religious perspectives. The outcome of the Arab Springs contributed significantly to the Saudi to discourage its citizen from using the social media. Despite the concerning barrier to the adopting of social media in Saudi Arabia, currently, many Saudi people have become active followers of Twitter. The trend has attracted the said government attention on how to limit the use of Twitter in the country despite the fact that social media has become an essential tool in the Saudi economy (Bloomfield, 2013).

2.0 Context and Research Question

The likes of Tweeters, Facebook, YouTube, Likened, and Skype have become useful marketing tools in the modern business world. David Kerpen once realized that the Twitter enabled him to acquire a positive response from Rio Hotel after arriving from New York. Kerpen,2011, recalled how he decided to tweet a hotel identified as Aria only to receive a response from Rio Hotel based in Las Vegas inviting him to access the hotel’s service. Social media has attracted attention of millions of users.

To illustrate, Pinterest has attracted 20 million active users, the Twitter has 241 million active users, Facebookleads with more than 1 billion customers, Instagram currently serves 200 million users, Google + serves 540 million active users, while Linkedin serves 300 million users worldwide (Leverage, LLC. ,2014).

Essentially social media enhances pull market (Sponder, 2012, Pp. 21) as he realized since he spent the night at Rio Hotel but not Arial Hotel that he was Tweeting. The experience shared by Kerpen indicates that enterprises embracing social media have a dynamic marketing strategy.

2.1Hypothesis: entrepreneurs based in Saudi Arabia have adopted effective mechanisms of business that will enable them gain advantages of using social media.

The research will focus on analyzing various strategies that Saudi has responded to the invention of social media. To answer the research question comprehensively, the research will assess laws invoked by the Saudi government and potential programs developed by the Saudi authority aimed at encouraging the Saudi people to adopt the social media in their dailytransactions.

2.2 Topic Justification

Developing commendable topic is an essential task despite the fact it appears to be a difficult task for many researchers (Saunders et al, 2007). Therefore, it is highly recommended for a researcher to assess topics with the help of relatives, friends, and colleagues that will help provide specific topics of interest. The topic should be sustained for a number of months.

It tookme several months to identify how various parts of the world have adopted to the social media. As amarketing student, I developed a high interest howentrepreneurs across the globe have considered adopting social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Likened in enhancing their marketing strategy. From my basic marketing knowledge, I am aware that the modern business world has adopted technology in both production and sales activities (Zarella, 2010, Pp. 4). Additionally, I understand that Arab nations are among the upcoming nations that have realized significant economic growth in recent years. Thirdly, I am aware that Saudi is among the many Arab nations that value ethical consideration even in professional matter.Therefore, I developed keen interest in identifying how the investments based in Saudi could develop efficient marketing strategieswith the rise of internet around the globe.

3.0 Academic Background

Arab world have demonstrated potential challenge against large movements the situation has changed in 2010 at stunning speed. Leaders in Saudi Arabia and other Arabia nations have connected social media such as Twitter and Facebookwith the currently experienced democracy.

Entrepreneurs have discovered emerging strategies of developing business prospects to illustrate; entrepreneurs prefer presenting their brands through to potential customer through the social media to promote their products (Culnan, et al., 2010). Saudi women entrepreneurs have embraced the fact that social media is a useful tool to locate customer presence. They have therefore taken initiative of using their social media accounts to market their home based catering services and hand made products. Majority of them prefer using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, to locate target customers (Al Ghamdi& Reilly, 2013; GlobalWebIndex. 2013).

Ingredients of social media were in place in the Saudi Arabia economy. The presence of tech-savvy youth in the country contributed highly to the country adopting social media in business perspective. The youth realized that the adoption of social media would help stimulate employment in the country. However, introduction of social media in Saudi failed to meet the desired objectives to the country’s entrepreneurs. A social media like twitter was a subject to criticism by the Saudi authorities. The authority blamed the site for contributing to political scandals. However, recently, the Saudi activists have come out boldly campaigning against criticism propelled by Saudi politicians. Entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the opportunity to market their products and enhance global marketing (Al Ghamdi& Reilly, 2013).

4.0 Research Methodology

There are numerous strategies that researchers can employ to conduct a research methodology. The fact that this researchentails a wide topic, it would be ideal uses stages of research methodology as provided by

4.1 Brain storming

As described by Saunders, brainstorming would help researcher define the problem. I used the technique to come with the topic come with the idea of conducting a research on impact of social media sites to Saudi people. I narrowed my research to focus on Saudi entrepreneurs (Mayfield 2010: Saunders et al., 2007).

4.2 Literature Review

Literature review provides a researcher to answer a concerning question. The major benefit of engaging in literature review is to conduct a study on issues to achieve a comprehensive interpretation. (Aveyard, 2010, Pp. 1).Additionally, I perceived the literate review is an essential tool that can be used to review preliminary understanding of the identified topic (Ridley, 2008, Pp. 4).in this particular proposal, I will select the integrated literature review because the research will include several methodologies.

I took initiative of review the topic from several academic scholarly articles entailing discussion on adoption of social media in Saudi Arabia. The academic material that I considered included academic journals, books, and reliable web sites.

4.3 Designing Primary Research

The research would have been suitably conducted through adopting qualitative techniques in the initial stage. I anticipate conducting the survey to entrepreneurs and students based Saudi. In this case, it would be deal to use mailed questionnaire to the target participants. The strategy would be ideal in the sense that it would save time and cost of travelling. Potential issues that I would certainly anticipate would be feedback deal and inaccurate responses attributed by language barrier. I therefore, identified two specific primary researches including case study, inductive approach.

4.4 Case Study

Case studies have become prominent in the postmodernism era (Gagnon, 2010).Case studies are relevant in the sense that they develop theories and are exceptional in economic fields (Blatter &Haverland, 2012, Pp. 1). Additionally, case studies are excellent methodology in the sense that helps research investigate issues on social science fields.

For the purpose of this research, I used a case on the social media field. I was able to obtain information on how Saudi women entrepreneurs used Facebook and Twitter to make their home made products.

4.5 Inductive Approach

Inductive approach is compatible with qualitative analysis in the sense it describes data in three ways

  1. Contract raw data into summary format
  2. It helps researchers define distinct links between research or evaluation summary findings ad objectives from raw data.
  3. The approach enables the researcher to develop p a framework of experiences.

Generally, inductive approach is a reliable methodology for analyzing qualitative data as it enables researchers derives findings in a more focused evaluation (Thomas, 2006, Pp. 237-246; Jorde& Dillon, 2012, Pp. 122). On learning these exclusive befits accrued to the induced approach, I was able to identify reliable sources to collect and analyze data. The approach highly guided me in defining objectives of the study and conducting the literature review in a comprehensive approach.

4.6 Collecting Data

Since the research was qualitative in nature, I employed main methods of qualitative data collection, action research (Wholey et al, 2010, Pp. 215-216;Somekh, 2006, Pp. 31; Cho & Trent, 2006, Pp. 319-340). I identifiedproblematic situation perceived by entrepreneurs based in Saudi. I then engaged in learning by doing actual learning with the help of the print and online media. My goal was to familiarize with marketing prospects of Saudi since Saudi was my identified target of the study topic.

4.7 Data Analysis and Writing

Upon successfully collecting the needed data from the literature review and research action, took intuitive of analyzing the data using qualitative techniques of data analysis. Normally, in qualitative studyanalysis includes organizing data through cleaning, inspecting and modeling data to suggest conclusions and useful information (Wholey et al, 2010, Pp. 216-217; Boeije, H. R. 2009, Pp. 71-73). In this particular research, I organized collected datathough sorting relevant information on how investors based in Saudi have adopted to introduction of the social media. Then I proceed to write the report based on specific findings.

5.0 Research Plan

The research plan will include online articles and retrieving print articles from the institutional library as a starting point of outlining objectives of the research. Once I obtain the needed articles, the next step will entail writing the report based on secondary and primary sources. The third step will include the process of analyzing data, making necessary recommendations and conclusions based on research methodology.

Project Timing



Topic Selection

Literature review

Action Research

Analysis of Literature Review

Data analysis


Draft Revision


6.0 Anticipated Outcome

I expect to anticipate meeting significant challenge when conducting the study especially in the Saudi territory. The fact that the country has adopted policies against the use of social media within its territory is a proof enough that the Saudi authorities would resist to corporate. However, the challenge would not be building block to the effort put to obtain from primary and secondary sources.

 8.0 Deliverables

Table of Contents

List of Exhibits

List of appendices

Executive Summary


  1. Introduction to social media
  2. Project aim and objectives

2 Research Methodologies

  1. Rationale for choosing research methods
  2. Rationale for conducting literature review
  3. Reason for conducting the research

3Literature Review

  1. Problem identification
  2. Data collection
  3. Data Analysis


  1. Concluding statement on future research


  1. Recommendations based on findings



9.0 Project Aim

Objectives Research Methods Research question
1.      Overview of adoption of social media in Saudi Literature review and secondary sources on The degree of use of social media in Saudi Arabia
2.      Research Methodology


Description of secondary sources

Overview of the project title

How women in Saudi Arabia utilize social media I  their private businesses

Viability and reliability of social media in business context
3. Literature Review Literature review influence of social media in Saudi Social influence of the use of social media
4 Overview of challenges posed by introduction of social media in Saudi Political pressure against Twitter and Facebook Political challenges inhibiting Facebook and Twitter
5. Hypothesis Strategies that Saudi entrepreneurs put in place to utilize social media What strategies that business people in Saudi use to realize maximum benefit of social media?
6. Recommendation Strategies that Saudi entrepreneurs would benefit from social media What are the appropriate strategies that entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia
7. Conclusion Review of hypothesis and research methodology

recommendations on comprehensive future research


Project Aims: to assess reliability of social media in Saudi Entrepreneurs

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