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The purpose of this assignment is for you to present your thesis and findings from your research paper on. The impact of college on foreigners in the United States,

You should create at least 6 PowerPoint slides for your presentation. Each slide should contain information related to your argument about. The impact of college on foreigners in the United States as well as visuals. Be sure to include a References slide as well.
For this part of the assignment, you will create an annotated references page. Your target audience for this project will be your classmates and me, your teacher. You should keep this audience in mind as you consider both your content and how you present that content (tone and style) in your presentation.



  1. Introduction of the topic on the impact of college on
  2. The reasons for attending college by staff and students.
  3. Origin of students who go to the United States to seek

The role of the college to students.

  1. Overview of the impacts to foreign students.
  2. Reasons why students go to
  3. To seek better education.
  4. To socialize.
  5. To learn the American culture
  6. For business
  7. To have fun

Impact on culture

  1. Different countries have different cultures.
  2. Students come from different background and cultures to
    seek education.
  3. Students in the U.S discriminate foreigners.
  4. Some students become assimilated to the American
  5. Culture hinders socialization.

Impact on performance

  1. Colleges enroll bright students.
  2. Most foreign students work hard.
  3. Foreign students are more focused hence better
  4. The American students spend more of their time
    discriminating and conducting ethnic talks.
  5. Foreign students work hard to protect their identity.

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