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Instructions for new paper are as follows.

In a paragraph or two, answer the following questions.

1. When do we need to cite a source? What is plagiarism, and how do we avoid it in our writing?


2. Correct the following reference, for an article in a journal paginated by volume (in this case, the journal is called Journal of Education and Healthcare, and the volume is number 33).

Hughes, Linda. (2001). Best practices for nursing students. “Journal of Education and Healthcare, ” 33 issue 3, pages 26-37.

3. Correct the following reference, for a web page (called Health and Wellness classes, on the Ohio Health site) that lists no author.

Health and wellness classes. 2013. Visited May 1, 2013, from http://www.ohiohealth.com/healthwellnessclasses/

In-text citations

Correct the following in text citations, referencing Linda Hughes’s article in question 2 above.

4. (Hughes 2001) explains, “Nursing students are often very efficient with time management” (Hughes, 2001, on page 28).

5. As one study has shown, of students in all the disciplines, those studying nursing are skilled in multi- tasking and time management (2001, Linda Hughes).

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