You have been invited by the Ministry of Trade and Energy, to form part of the national delegation of your country (which is Russia ), who will participate in the negotiations towards a new Universal Agreement on Climate Change in 2015 – Paris, France.

Since you will represent the voice of business and industry, you were asked to prepare athree-minute declaration that you will deliver at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris.

Your statement and declaration needs to state how the business community, in your country, help the government to develop policy solutions that aim to achieve important climate goals that would provide flexible solutions and creative incentives for innovation.

Thus, you need to:

  1. Develop, film and deliver a one-minute video statement; (myself)
  2. Draft and deliver a three-minute declaration.(ppt presentation YOU)

Required Reading:



            Risks associated with climate change will affect all populations if mitigation measures are not put in place. Collaboration is significant within all climate change stakeholders to ensure that policies formulated are cost effective and with a great impact. There is a need for an active participation by all agencies in developing frameworks that ensure sustainable development and a healthy environment. Businesses need to maintain transparency, accountability and support for climate change policies. Businesses have the responsibility of providing the cost effectiveness and weighing up the different benefits of different policies.

All countries, including Russia need to come up with policies and interventions that support climate change goals. They should prevent infiltration of politics into enacting of climate change regulations to come up with rational agreements. The roles of corporate society in the formation of policies include supporting policies that implement climate change policies, collaborating with other agencies in suggesting relevant policies and regulations and as they are great controllers of the populations, they should come up with programs that support mitigation strategies. Many industries are working in relation to climate change goals and this should be encouraged. Those who have not adopted the system should be challenged to do so and measures should be put to encourage them.

We The business, society and the government should work together with other agencies in supporting climate change goals. Businesses should regularly assess the impact of their processes to avoid those that precipitate global warming and they should encourage ethical practices within business operations. Monitoring and evaluation of climate change interventions are significant in tracking the regional and global progress. Government agencies also need to encourage community and voluntary programs that enhance innovation of strategies for climate change goals. All these commitments will be achieved through active collaboration and inclusion of all relevant authorities.

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