For Milestone Two, you will submit a paper stating your organization’s position on the specific legislation selected for your final project. Make sure to state your
role in your organization.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
Your Position. In this section, you will lay out your organization’s position on the specific legislation being considered. It should be evident from your
analysis that you have reviewed a full copy of the legislation and have researched the related issues and debate. Specifically, you should address the
following points:
a. Is your organization for or against the legislation? Why? Your answer should analyze the
advantages and disadvantages of the legislation in
terms of potential effectiveness, cost, public acceptance, and political feasibility. In other words, how might economic, social, or political factors
(including other legislation) help or hinder the policy’s implementation and effectiveness? What specific concerns does your organization have?
b. How might cultural, socioeconomic, and other
diversity issues impact the quality and equity of services provided under the selected legislation?
What concerns does your organization have? Provide examples to support your position.
c. What
legal or ethical matters related to the legislation is your organization concerned about, if any? Explain your answer and provide examples,
if appropriate.
d. Based on your analysis, how could the legislation in question be
redesigned to better address the needs of intended beneficiaries? Be sure to
address the following points and provide evidence to support your recommendations.

How could the legislation better address diversity in meeting the needs of intended beneficiaries?
How could it better
address legal or ethical concerns in meeting beneficiaries’ needs? If there are no concerns specific to this legislation,
make suggestions for how the legislation might help prevent legal or ethical concerns in future policies. Support your suggestions with
other changes to the legislation would make it more effective in serving intended beneficiaries? Consider the cost, public
acceptance, and political feasibility issues you identified above in making your suggestions.

e. Be sure to use language and communication strategies appropriate for political or organizational leaders in explaining your organization’s
position and recommendations. Remember the goal is to convince your audience that your analysis is credible without burdening them with
undue detail.
Guidelines for Submission: Milestone Two must be two to three pages in length (plus a cover page and references) and must be written in APA format. Use
double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and at least three references cited in APA format


4-2 Final Project Milestone Two: Position Paper

Based on the fact that child abuse is a critical subject that affects countries all around the
globe, my organization would be for the legislation of policies that limit or prevent child abuse.
Such laws would be effective in addressing the wide range of child abuse and malpractices by
ensuring that all forms of malpractices are addressed in depth. Based on the considerations of
different forms of child abuse, some points may bring about resistance from the public. Taking a
deeper look into the case, issues like parental depression may be considered as risk factors for
child abuse (Lane, 2014). This is an example of a controversial point that could cause public
acceptance issues. Additionally, the existence of other laws dealing with the same issue might
bring challenges in the legislation of the new policy. On then brighter side, the cost factor would
not pose a challenge since only senate time and commitment would be required.
To ensure that the new policies work efficiently in the current world society, a lot of
public education would be needed to ensure that everyone understands the need of the policies.
They would, therefore, embrace the policies. From research, child maltreatment is also
influenced by societal factors such as social, health, education and economic policies which
generally lead to poor standards of living. Such factors may also lead to socioeconomic
instability and inequality in terms of the services provided under child abuse policies. My
organization has, therefore, concerns in ensuring that information on some of these factors has
gone viral to the public (World Health Organization, 2016). A good example would be coming
up with programs or campaigns that would help societies notice the extensiveness of child abuse
issues. To note that it is beyond physical abuse.

Prior to the legislation of the child malpractice policies, concrete research would need to
be done to ensure that all issues are effectively catered for. This research would form a major
part of the legislation since it would influence the passing of the policies into law. However, the
research would need child subjects in order to obtain first hand information. During the research,
my organization would be interested in ensuring that legal paths are followed and above all,
ethical considerations are made for the sake of the subjects under research. The major role of my
organization would be to follow through the whole research, from the recruitment of the subjects
to the verification of their well being during the research study. Major issues would include
informed deception and consent, confidentiality, autonomy and privacy. My organization would,
therefore, ensure that all these criteria are followed till the later.
Additionally, based on the wide stretch of child abuse cases, which take totally different
forms, some redesigns on the child abuse policies would be needed to ensure that all
beneficiaries’ needs are well addressed. To advocate for the diversities in the cases, the policies
could be legislated in sub sections that would ensure each issue under consideration is tackled in
depth. A good illustration would be classifying the issue into health, education, social and
economic categories, of which children are abused and then addressing them effectively (Lane,
2014). To address the legal concerns on different cases of child abuse, different cases would
require different penalties to set clear the intensity of each circumstance of child abuse. Such a
strategy would also increase the level of acceptance of the policies by the public. Within the
legislations, the well being of the children should also be considered to ensure that their privacy
and general well being of the victims are considered. Some cases would, for instance, require
that the victim children are taken out of the custody of the victimizer. Lastly, the legislative
process should be done faster for the impacts to be felt soonest.

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