You need to choose one option below and write a 2000-word essay:
1. Instagram influencers are said to have both empowered independent entrepreneurs
and played a role in misinforming young consumers. Drawing on Castells’ concept of
the Network Society and the three domains of production/consumption, as well as
your own experience, discuss to what extent (if at all) influencer content benefits
learning and empowers independent citizens.
2. Imagine you are the CEO of a startup that generates capital by selling user data.
Your platform becomes an enormous global success overnight; however, it is revealed
that your service is not GDPR compliant. As a last-ditch resort, you decide to write to
the European Parliament to convince them to soften GDPR and make allowances for
certain platforms and services. Drawing on the concept of Networked Individualism,
supporting your answer with relevant examples from appropriate studies, and
remembering ethics and risks, make a
balanced case for more uninhibited use of user data.
3. In 2019, a petition with 5.8 million signatures requesting the revocation of article
50 was rejected by parliament. Considering this and one or two other relevant
examples, make a convincing argument that online activism is either still relevant or
not relevant in contemporary digital society.
You need to find 10 sources by yourself and cite them all in Harvard Format. (Use the
uploaded Harvard Guidance as your reference)

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