1. Classify the different types of errors and contributory factors.
2. Illustrate
how various system features contribute to error occurrence.
3. Evaluate
how system fragmentation results in vulnerable conditions e.g.,
“transitions, hand-off’s” for lapses in patient safety. 
4. Define “adverse
events” and implications from results of the Harvard Medical Practice
5. Recognize categories of “Never Events” as defined by the
National Quality Forum.
6. Discuss the different types of medication errors
particular to various clinical practice settings.
7. Explain how a variety of
human factors and the concept of mindfulness relate to the likelihood of
medical errors.
8. Evaluate potential solutions for error reduction.
Module Activities:
“ Medical Error” Recorded lecture. Please listen to lectures below
Lecture part 1
Lecture part 2
While you are listening to the lecture, you can follow the attached slides
Slides part 1
Slides part 2
Slides part 3
Slides part 4
Slides part 5
Slides part 6

2- listen to “ Chasing Zero Documontary”
Complete the following Class Participation Questions:
1. In the video regarding errors and human factors, lecturer discusses
Rasmussen’s Framework for Human Error. Please discern between
the 3 different types of performance errors and give a brief

example of each (3 points).Write one page for this question
2. Please list 3 (each) different internal physiologic, internal psychological
and external types of human factors (total of 9 factors). Provide
an example of 1 of these factors and how it could lead to an error
(4 points).Write page and 1/4 for this question.
3-In the documentary entitled “Chasing Zero,” a nurse commits a serious
medication error that leads to the death of a young woman in labor; please
briefly analyze the contributing factors (3 points).Write ¾ page for this

Note: Most information will find it in the module. You don’t need to add outside
references, just listen to the lecture and look for the slides then listen to the

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