Instructions for excursion assignment:

1200 – 1500 word report on the excursion ORan essay focusing on the following questions (maybe maximum of 500 words each):

(1) What products and services are delivered by environments you find on the way between Melbourne, Creswick and Horsham? Give examples.

(2) Give examples on how products and services, or the way they are delivered, changed over time (historically). What changesin environmental management practices happened and how do past environmental management practices still determine current environments.

(3) How do products and services, or the way they are delivered, change over the landscape (spatially). Why are different productive environments located in different places (for example, why are food production environments where they are?)? Use examples.


Question One

Creating a productive environment in an organization, company, or region is a hard task. The person in charge of development should work tirelessly to ensure there is a productive environment. A number of critical elements that they should consider include encouraging diversity, encouraging open and honest communication, and articulating the regions or organization’s mission and vision. According to Nelson, Adger, & Brown (2007), different environments have differing productive environments thereby dictating what sort of goods and services they produce to the locals. Regions such as Melbourne, Horsham, and Creswick are located within the highlands of Australia. Therefore, the regions have a highly endowed productive environment explaining the high growth rate economically (Gebauer, & Friedli, 2005).

The regions have been subdivided into sub regions to cater for planning purposes. The regions make up the largest urban areas of the Victoria region carrying most of the population and leading in provision of economic resources. For instance, the size of Horsham is double the size of any other center in the North West region experiencing growth at the expense of other under developed regions. Melbourne, Horsham, and Creswick regions are rich in production of natural gas. The activity of gas production has led to the immense growth of these regions creating more job opportunities and providing efficient energy sources. There are also other renewable sources of energy including wind, solar, and hydroelectricity, which are harvested commercially thereby boosting the energy industry. The energy-producing firms produce abundant energy capable of running most of the industries in the region.

When travelling around these regions, one is expected to realize the many products and services produced. In terms of services, there are numerous institutions offering education such as the Melbourne University, Creswick campus, The Federation University in Ballarat and Horsham, and the Longerenong College located in Southern Horsham (Marginson, 2002). There are many service industries located within these regions that boost the growth of economy. The regions have large sectors of employment in business including trades, professional services, and state and federal government branch offices for health care and non-governmental service organizations. In addition, there are banking organizations, insurance firms, supermarkets, and malls that add up to the tertiary industries available in the region. All these industries put together employ a great number of people who help in developing the region economically.

A research conducted by the Australian Census indicates that many people are employed in the manufacturing sector. There are many manufacturing industries in Melbourne, Horsham, and Creswick regions, which attracts outside investors. Homegrown industries such as general industrial engineering, brick and tiles, automotive components, textile companies, food products industries have led to the creation of a productive environment in these regions. For instance, Phoenix Brewery, which was one of the largest businesses, was located in this region although it has been decided that a substantial microbrewery should be retained. Products produced in the agricultural and mining sectors are further processed in the industries to produce valuable items that are sold out at higher prices thereby increasing total revenue.

Question Two

Products and services in Melbourne, Horsham, and Creswick regions are delivered to end users in different ways. The changes in the method of delivery are mostly caused by diversification in management practices. The key drivers of change include proximity and open access to Melbourne, Horsham, and Creswick regions, advancement in transport facilities, diversity in the composition of population, change in demand in relation to available resources, and the application of Information Technology and broadband services in delivery. The Central Highlands Regional Strategic Plan takes charge of these developments in regards to its achievement of vision 2030 (DEPI, 2014). The Victoria economy has over the year’s embraced sophistication in areas such as Information Technology, education systems, tourism, and manufacturing explaining the change in methods of delivery of goods and services.

Population growth of Melbourne and proximity has greatly affected the delivery of goods and services. Products do not need to be taken to large distances since the market is readily available. There are well-built roads and railway lines connecting the whole region, which produce substantially greater opportunities for customers and producers to interact. The region around the east including Ballarat has modern port facilities, airports and storage and distribution facilities that make the region easily accessible. Contained population growth rate in the region has helped in controlling urban sprawl in Melbourne that requires expensive services and resources to maintain.

Productive environment in terms of products and services delivery is enhanced by improvement in the level of IT, computing, and network training. The availability of modern learning institutions has fostered the teaching of Information Technology and computing courses, which enable service industries, and companies ease the distribution of their products. Such advancements have made it possible to deliver services and goods to lowly endowed populations, specific target groups, and dispersed population in the whole region. For instance, many learning institutions offer online education thereby reducing cases of congestion in the actual learning institution. Other services such as health care are also being offered through technology leading to time saving and general economic growth.

Customers’ tastes and preferences are bound to change over time; therefore, it is important for those delivering products and services to keep on reviewing their channels of distribution to avoid dissatisfaction. In addition, change in the composition of the population also affects how goods and services are delivered. For instance, clustered population like that of Melbourne, Horsham, and Creswick regions calls for cheaper delivery methods while dispersed population dictates the use of more resources to cater for safer delivery. Past environmental organization practices determine the current environment in the Victoria region. For example, the early use of coal and windmills for energy production are still being used for the same purpose reducing expenses in energy production. Moreover, past political ideologies also affect the environment in which products and services are delivered to end consumers.

Question Three

The method of delivery of products and services in Australia changes over different landscapes. One of the main factors leading to such behavior is the diverse range of settlement patterns in the region. For example, it is said that the Golden Plains consist of small suburbs, which depend greatly on the larger nearby municipal centers to access certain products ad services. The Victorian Settlement Framework is unique because most of the population is clustered making it easier to access services. Ballarat is one of the most populated regions and thus it carries out most of the distribution functions. For example, it offers the highest order goods and services in the region, serve as a headquarter for many head offices, regional learning institutions, and medical facilities, offers the highest level of employment opportunities, and acts as a hinterland for networks.

Different productive environments are located in diverse palaces to increase the ease with which products and services are delivered. For instance, the sawmilling factories are located near the forested areas to for easy accessibility of the raw material. The landscape where such milling factories are located has a smooth terrain that makes it easy to transport the finished products. As a result, urban areas are kept free from pollution and distractions caused by the heavy machines working within the factory (Commonwealth of Australia, 2009). Food processing factories are located in the highlands, which are as well populated. These highlands have high quality agricultural soils that favor the rearing of dairy animals and growth of crops. The products from the industries are known to be perishable and hence they require market proximity to reduce the costs associated with storage and distribution. An example of a factory is the Stawell Gold Mine, which is the largest gold mine being located in the heart of the Victoria region in order to get easy workforce from within.

In conclusion, service industries such as education centers, health facilities, and banking institutions are located near large populations and industries. Many universities and health care centers are located near the Melbourne, Horsham, and Creswick regions because of their high population. Sick people easily access medical facilities while students enjoy learning activities with ease. For instance, Melbourne University, Creswick campus, The Federation University in Ballarat and Horsham, and the Longerenong College located in Southern Horsham are all located within the region for easy accessibility and delivering of education (Marginson, 2002). Areas such as Bacchus Marsh and Ballarat are strategically positioned around the Melbourne, Horsham, and Creswick regions because of proximity and well-developed transport linkages.

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