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Lecture International Development: Refugees and Forced Migration, Rights and responsibilities
Topic:Humanitarian responses to refugees: Institutions and obligations

Discussion paper (15%)
Students will write a discussion paper on the
theme, drawing on the required readings for the chosen class.
Discussion papers should be max.4 pages long,typed in 12-point, Times New Roman font, doubled-spaced with standard margins.
Each paper will be graded out of 15, and the average of the two papers will be used to obtain each student’s final mark.
For classes in which there are numerous assigned
readings, discussion papers should engage at least three of the readings. Short assigned readings (e.g. articles of less than
5 pages) do not count towards this total.
The discussion papers should succinctly summarize and critically engage with the main arguments advanced in each reading. Do the authors successfully defend their arguments? What questions do the readings raise? Are there important issues related to the seminar theme that the readings do not address? If so, students may use the discussion papers as an opportunity to begin formulating their own ideas and questions on these issues.(NB: Summaries of the readings should be NO longer than 1 short paragraph.)
Students may draw on the optional reading or other sources in the discussion papers, but are not required to do so.

Key themes/questions for this topic that might be answer or raise from the readings:
-Major actors/agencies (Displaced persons, governments, intergovernmental organizations, NGOs) (Focus on UNHCR)
-How do humanitarian agencies attempt to respond to the needs of displaced populations? -Are current institutional responses sufficient?
-Organizational mandates: Is UNHCR really a non-political organization? Is it possible (and desirable) for a humanitarian agency to be neutral?

-Reading One: Loescher, G. (2014) “UNHCR and Forced Migration.”
-Reading Two: The UNHCR and World Politics: State Interests vs.Institutional Autonomy
-Reading Three: Forsythe, D. (2001) “UNHCR’s Mandate: the Politics of Being Non -political”UNHCR New Issues in Refugee Research

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