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Now that you have completed the research design plans and senior management has reviewed them, senior management has informed you of its decision to use a questionnaire approach to gather the patient satisfaction data for the marketing research study. Your senior manager has asked that you develop the questionnaire that the client will provide to all of the patients seen during the six (6) week data-collection period. Once the questionnaires are collected, the staff in your company will tabulate and analyze the questionnaire data and write a preliminary report for you to review in Assignment 4.

Write a four to six (4-6) page paper in which you:
1. Propose a method that you would use to distribute the questionnaire to the patients. Provide a rationale for your proposal.
2. Determine whether The Professional Urologists Group should distribute the questionnaires to all of the patients of the practice, or just to a sample of the patients. Recommend the manner in which The Professional Urologists Group should distribute the questionnaires to patients that the group wishes to sample. Provide a rationale for your responses.
3. Predict the manner in which the method of questionnaire distribution will impact the results of the study (e.g., how the distribution of the questionnaires affects the return rate, if the responses are affected by whether the questionnaires are mailed to patients, if the responses are affected by the personality likeability of the person that personally hands out the questionnaires, etc.). Justify your response.
4. Suggest two (2) actions that The Professional Urologists Group can take in order to compel patients to complete the questionnaires. Examine significant ways in which different response rates may affect the validity of the findings that you receive (e.g., whether or not one can assume that the results are valid for all of the patients if very few patients respond, the percentage of patients that must return the questionnaire for the results to be valid, if there are degrees of validity, etc.).
5. Develop one (1) questionnaire, no longer than one (1) page in length so that potential respondents may print it on both sides of one (1) piece of paper. Use the appropriate types of questions in order to collect the necessary data. Consider that The Professional Urologists Group will tabulate and analyze the answers.
6. Use at least three (3) quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:
• Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
• Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.


Conducting a research involves a number of procedures that the researcher must adhere to while conducting the research. One of the most crucial areas lies in the data collection phase whereby the researcher needs to be very careful in order to collect the correct data. There are various methods of collecting data such as the use of questionnaires, conducting interviews or carrying out experiments and observations. In this case, the Urologists Group decided to use the questionnaire method to collect information from the patients. There are various methods used to distribute the questionnaires to the target group. The researcher will choose the best and most efficient questionnaire distribution method in order to get the most accurate and reliable information from patients (Labaree, 2014).

In this case, the Professional Urologist Group should distribute the questionnaires directly to the patients in order to enhance reliability of information given. By using the hard copy distribution method, the hospital Professional Urologist Group could differentiate those who came to the health facility and those who did not fill the questionnaire while at the health facility through the use of different colors for the two groups (Labaree, 2014). Printing the questionnaire on paper for distribution is efficient since the researcher can perform different formatting options such as customizing colors and fonts. In addition, it would be possible to create different versions of a similar questionnaire with an option of printing all the questions or a portion of them in sequential or random manner. This method of distribution is cheap for the researcher and has a guaranteed response from the patients. The questionnaire would be accompanied by patient information, cover letter addressed by name and a pre-paid envelope, which would encourage more patients to participate in the procedure.

The Professional Urologists Group should distribute the questionnaires to a sample group of patients rather than any person within the region. Since the researcher need to know if patents are satisfied with the hospital’s services, then it is only prudent to give the questionnaire to patients visiting the health care facility. The Professional Urologists Group should distribute the questionnaire using the windshield distribution method. The method of sampling the different patients is more advantageous compared to other distribution methods such as personal delivery and mail delivery methods. The method of questionnaire distribution overcomes budgetary constraints because it is cheap and time saving to both the respondent and researcher. The response rate while this method is used higher compared to other methods used in distributing the questionnaires. Moreover, the responses received are qualitative, shorter, and reliable. Windshield distribution method probably would prompt an exceptionally rapid response from the patients.

The questionnaire distribution method will affect the results of the study in different ways. By using the windshield distribution method, the Professional Urologists Group will get more responses from the patients thereby affecting the validity of the findings positively. Emailing the questionnaire to the respondents may bring about cheating whereby the responses may not be true or are exaggerated. Windshield is likely to attract more patients responding to the questionnaire unlike other methods thus increasing the reliability of the data obtained. In most cases, respondent will develop an attitude towards the personality of the person administering the questionnaire and thus affect the way they respond to questions. For instance, the language used in the questions may be difficult to understand making the respondents fail to answer certain questions. This in turn will affect the credibility of the data collected.

Using questionnaires to collect information could be tricky since many respondents may be unwilling to give information or otherwise filling the questionnaire. There is a number methods that the Professional Urologists Group could apply to compel patients to complete the questionnaire. One of the actions that the group could take to compel the respondents to fill the questionnaire is by offering extra medical services to every person who volunteers to complete the questionnaire. By doing this, the Urologists will be guaranteed that they will get enough information useful in validating the findings. In addition, the Urologists should make completion of the questionnaire compulsory before any patient receives medical attention. Numerous patients would have no choice rather than completing the questionnaire because they are desperate to get the medical attention. The researcher should make the questionnaire document very attractive to win the mind of the patients and hence many of them will respond to it (Ritchie, Lewis, Nicholls, & Ormston, 2013).

Different response rates affect the validity of the findings that the patients give while completing the questionnaire. Important decisions and recommendations are drawn from the findings hence it is imperative that the researcher acquires the right information. Scanty information will not be significant enough to make a conclusion or solve a certain problem. The validity of the responses should be measured according to the percentage of patients who fully participate in the questionnaire. A percentage of more than 70% in terms of the number of patients responding to the questionnaire would be enough to validate the findings of the research. Therefore, it is important for the Professional Urologists Group to compel a good number of patients to complete the questionnaire if they are to make convincing findings (Bryman, 2012).


Please tick as appropriate

  • Are you filling the following questionnaire for:
  • Yourself () (b) Your partner ()   Your child ()    (d) Friend or other relative ()
  • Please indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with the statements below. The scale to be used is between 1 and 5 where 5 indicates strong agreement and 1 strong disagreement. If the item on question is not related to your care, choose N/A.
  Strongly disagree (1) Somewhat disagree (2) Neutral (3) Somewhat Agree (4) Strongly agree (5) N/A
Physician spent adequate time with me            
Service provided was helpful to my health            
The information I received about my health is helpful            


  • If lab work was done, did you receive the lab results in time?
  • My personal information was treated confidentially

Agree ()                 Disagree ()   N/A()

  • Would you come back to see the physician for further guidance and health care?

Yes ()   No () Not applicable ()

  • Would you recommend the healthcare facility for other individuals or friends?

Yes ()        No ()

  • Was there any aspect of you current health condition that could be improved? Yes () No ()

If yes, please explain briefly.

  • I had confidence and trust in the health care person who was advising me

Agree ()                 Disagree ()

  • Please explain briefly, what you liked best about the care you received.
  • Kindly tell us the most annoying thing about the healthcare you received.

In conclusion, the use of questionnaires to collect information is both technical and efficient to use. It is good for the researcher to choose the best method to administer the questionnaire to the respondents. With the correct method, the researcher is guaranteed iof valid information that could be used to make conclusions and recommendations. In addition, the questionnaire should be composed of simple and easy to understand questions for the patients to respond with a little ease.

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