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Choose one movie below and examine how costuming and make-up were used to delineate characters, represent conflicts, and/or illustrate transformations in the film. How did specific choices in costuming and make-up help to communicate or reinforce the movies theme or perspective on its subject?
FIlm options below: I’ll prefer .Girlhood
Sin Nombre(2009) Black Swan(2010) Girlhood(2014)
One of them should watched above.


Costume and makeup are essential features in film production. Costume features any dramatic production, on the other, had makeup constitutes the total visual appearance of the character in the movie. Costume are usually fundamental fact of acting; therefore, it is not merely a cover for an actor. The key thing about the costume is that it is based on the fact that the character wears it, the intention here is to move and speak with it and capture the attention of the spectator. The function of the costume is, therefore, to assist the characterization on stage or in a film to depict to the audience their social status, age, personality, dislikes, likes, and even nationality before the actor says a word. The proper coordination of costume and makeup presents elements that enhance the cultural image. The film of Girlhood 2014, is focused. The costume and makeup in the movie are highlighted using different themes for example conflict and transformation. Also, there are also specific instances that depict the perspective of the film and the subject. First, a synopsis of the film is illustrated so to understand the themes and the characters involved.

The Outline of the Girlhood 2014

The Girlhood movie has an international identity, having been written by the French writer and director, Celine Sciamma. It is the latest exploration of Celine Sciamma after the Water Lilies 2007 and the Tomboy 2011 movies. The Girlhood 2014 movie is no softly incremental coming of age account, but a hasty one. There are some distressing series of snapshots of the life of the black girls who are working, to ensure that they rise both economically and socially.

Girlhood 2014 movie is also commonly referred to as the Bande de Filles in French. Bande is used to mean gang in English. The French name Bande is used since it sounds quite well than in English where it would imply more of crime than the struggle of the girls to reach an economic and social ladder. Celina Sciamma summarizes the life a girl in the movie by putting emphasis on the bonds that teenage girls could have, and she says it is the strongest and most life changing experience. She places the role of the girls at the heart of a gang which has no hopes and life in Paris and has the roughest neighborhood in a suburb in Paris. One of the main character Marieme (Karidja Touré) has to make herself strong so that she can place herself within the vicious hierarchy. In the process she wants to have confidence, get friends and battle with the scars.

Costume and Makeup Depicting Theme in Girlhood 2014

Costume and makeup help to establish a relationship between the character, for this reason, the actor and the costume construes the character. Girlhood movie begins with an appearance that is visually exciting and full in thematic latent. First is the team of American footballers who run onto an illuminated field. They start by practicing, and the scene seems brutal but the movements of the players in purposeful and sophisticated. As the practice session comes into and end the player remove their helmets only for the audience to realize that they are girls, a female team. The costume in this scene is amazing and reminds Sciamma the importance of flexibility in gender.

Marieme is among the players in the America football, the scene in the field depicts how costumes are used in the film. The Girlhood movie is her story, throughout the movie, her life is examined and molded by experience. Marieme has a brother, and he is more domineering than just a physical character. For instance, his presence in a room is like a cheap eau de cologne long after he has gone. The theme of transformation is also well elaborated by Celine Sciamma, in one way or another the Girlhood film is maneuvered and a complete double quick time. At first, Marieme falls in a gang of girls, thereby giving the title of the film Bande des Filles. Later on, she tries to butch her way into the male world of drugs. Later on, she is determined to go back to the path of self-determination. Moreover, the scene does not only portray the abilities of a female to play the so-called male game, but also an interpretation of the lives that the girls in Girlhood movie are forced to live. It is outside the context of just being a girl.The girls would better stay on toes so that they can survive.

Another scene of Girlhood that demonstrates costumes and makeup are when they rent a hotel room with some ill-gotten gains. From this stage, it appears that the girls are dressed up to go clubbing. However they are not just dressed up for men but to please themselves, they are portraying their test for power as women. One charismatic leader among the ladies begins to dance to Rihanna’s song “Shine bright like a diamond”. Marieme the main character also joins in, it is a beautiful and exhilarating scene.

Besides Marie is transiting from a young innocent youth to swift adulthood, this is symbolized by the costume she had, the film uses a lavish color to show this transition. The color of the costume was blue and turquoises over to red and purple saturating every scene. Moreover, the characters are released with the exemplary performance that had a foundation in effortless realism; this is the French opinion which is skillfully this best. A variety of themes also emerges from the Girlhood for example laughter and tears releases love, friendship ad maturity they are stunningly portrayed. The themes of aggression, staying through tough are also repeated throughout the film; they are neatly captured by opening the scene of girls playing the American football.

Celine Sciamma represents conflict in various ways in the Girlhood movie, regarding the costume and makeup. Marieme, in this case, identifies with the role of being a courier. She wears a wig and an expensive dress so that she can deliver drugs to the people in the parties.  She is trapped in two circumstances. First, she dresses expensively so that she can attract the people in the party to enable her to sell the drugs. However, she is painfully aware that her dressing code is depicting sexuality, and that her role turns out to attracting the male gangsters. Later on, Marie resolves to use a more androgynous persona to allow her to operate in a culture that involves male, without attracting anyone. The new business of selling drugs enable Marieme to have her money that she pockets every day.

Although marieme is caught in another situation that brings conflict within herself, this is from her roommate who is a sex worker. Marieme had tried to dress in a male like culture so that she can sell the drugs but her roommate reminds her that even if she does not sleep with her boss, she remains a bitch. Marieme gets angry and quietly wondered that being a bitch is all about exploitation and being dominated. She assumes that sexuality has a lot of ways where oppression, power and identity intersect and dressing code alone cannot conquer it all.

Choices of Costume that Reinforce Themes in the Movie

Girlhood is apparently a conventional movie about a young person who makes concrete decision bring about a transition. There are particular choices of costumes and make up that reinforce the theme in the movie on its subject; they emphasize more on conflict, transformation and places of women in the society. The actual scene, as Celine Sciamma describes, is made up of three girls, but they are looking for the fourth one, the gang that is Bande des Filles is always made up of four girls. The three girls are uniformly cladded in black leather jackets, and they have their hair relaxed.

The spearhead of the three girls is Assa Sylla, and she is a viciously charismatic Lady. Assa is fringed by Lindsay Karamoh, energetic Adiatou and Marietou Toure known as Filly, and she is a sad-sack. The three girls have noticeably been friends for a long time, and Lady was their leader all through with a combination of ferocity and generosity.  Marieme joins the friends, the so called gang, however, it is clear that she is intimidated by the violence that her new friends have in them. Later on, Marieme realized how fun it was to be fierce; this happened when the brutality was turned on a white shop assistant who had decided to follow Marieme with the aim of treating her like a thief. It when the friends turned their anger that Marieme got it fun.

The scene leads to transformation of the new identity for Marieme. It is symbolized when Lady has the decision to anoint Marieme with a gold necklace; it was decorated with the letters V, I and C. she unwinds in her new identity. Marieme the receives a call from her brother; however she is high head up and refuse to answer the call. Celine Sciamma captures the joyous and sense of liberation that Marieme is experiencing the transition. The moments are wonderful for Marieme and together with the other three girls, including Lady, dance to Rihanna’s tune shining bright like a diamond.


In the Girlhood film, the four main characters had no profession; they only cast calls I the train stations, shopping malls and working class environs of Paris. Marieme is in a actual revelation, and she has the new identity VIC. She now appears on the scene in processes of transforming herself through the hair, dressing codes and makeup, and she is a work in progress as her character clearly depicts her. At the end of the film, however, we can be no more certain that Marieme’s identity is fixed, and indeed, there is the need to rejoice since she escapes from what the society would impose on her, “She is just like other girls”.

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