Order Description;

1. Issue 1 and Recommendation
Issue 1: How can lululemon alter their marketing strategy to target different
2. Justification and Recommendation 1
Recommendation: Apply the same techniques as previous strategies, while broadening
targets to all athletes and demographics.
Justification: Company has already established itself in a niche market, but could
expand easily by using its unique marketing approach.
3. Issue 2 and Recommendation 2
Issue 2: How can lululemon develop designs and fabrics to differentiate themselves from
competitors while establishing patents and trademarks to better protect intellectual property to reduce competition?
4. Justification and Recommendation 2
Recommendation: Consulting designers to create unique fabrics and product parts with
intent to only be manufactured for lululemon use.
Justification: Decrease likelihood of competition imitating lululemon’s products and
5. Action Plan
Identifies specific operational and functional tactics to be undertaken (tasks) Specifies resources to be used:
-time frame for competition
-financial resources
-organizational and/or human resources

Group Assignments:
write 2 tasks for each issue.


Lululemon Athletica

Task 1

Lululemon would need to prioritize conducting market research to identify current strategy that would help identify suitable athletic activities that the company would easily adapt. The strategy includes describing target market and specifying groups that would participate in the athletic activities.

Recommendations 1

The strategy should kick of through conducting intensive online surveys of gyms, fitness instructors, and existing customers. The idea is to acquire essential information regarding the current athletic activities. Additionally, the information would enable the company to determine the efficiency of the current strategy in meeting athletic demands. To acquire the best from the strategy, the company would consider conducting the survey in location where potential customers reside. The location would be ideal in the sense that potential customers are much more aware of the company’s online and brand information.

Justification 1

The strategy would be ideal to the company since the company has already established market niche. Secondly, the idea of administering online survey is ideal in the sense that the strategy it would attract customers greater satisfaction. By resolving to question gyms and fitness clubs, the company would acquire incentive of gathering reliable data.

Action Plan 1

The plan would begin with allocating twenty to fifty thousand to process online data, creating surveys and offering discounts to participating customers. The regional manager of the company would then consider allocating resource to the staff conducting the study depending on the need basis. The strategy would need corporation of marketing and sales team to prepare the questions. The head of the marketing and sales department should supervise the process of assigning staff assigned to take part in the survey. The regional managers would then consider assigning administrator to oversee the overall survey process. The period for the survey will start from March all the way to June.

Issue 2

The project would require soliciting for patent lawyers to oversee the process of differentiating fabrics and designs. The company has obligation of ensuring that intellectual property of the company does not infringe designs of rival designers but retain significant merit protection.

Recommendations 2

The plan would kick off through soliciting advice from the patent lawyers to provide an insight on product specification. The project would require the company to grant the team of lawyers to assemble the staff assigned to implement the project. The legal team should be the primary source for the designer to consult.

Justification 2

The strategy would be ideal in the sense that corporation of both designers and the legal team would create a reliable opinion on attaining the competitive edge while retaining the merit protection.

Action Plan 2

The company would need to consider preparing an annual budget for designers and lawyers. Designers should consider consulting the legal team to create new designs. The activities would be carried periodic basis implying that the company would need a period of a year utmost. Activities such as financials breakdown, appropriate human resource, and need to assess performance on fabric designs should be included regularly. The company should seek other opportunities if the patent request or the company’s trademark is denied. The company would also consider acquiring information from designers on the efficiency of the assigned legal team. The idea is to evaluate the efforts put by the lawyers in ensuring that the company retains patent rights at the ultimate level.

The next step would then include allocating the budgeted finance to conduct the research and development the new designs of fabrics. The action plan at the stage will demand the designers to rely highly on patents lawyers’ assessment such as providing the necessary data to the designers. Lastly, the company would proceed with the process of manufacturing the new fabrics.

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