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References Norton Field Guide chapters 43 (“Developing a Research Plan”), 44 (“Finding Sources”), 45 (“Evaluating Sources”), 46 (“Synthesizing Ideas”), 47 (“Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing”), 48 (“Acknowledging Sources, Avoiding Plagiarism”), and 12 (“Annotated Bibliographies”). See also the ?FWS-4 Preview? at Blackboard.
1. Topic This formal writing submission will be a formal, documented, exploratory research paper which focuses on some aspect of your choice of one of the following current controversies involving the US federal government:
? The U.S. federal debt
? The ?Fast and Furious? scandal
? The ?Benghazi? scandal
? The Affordable Care Act
? NSA domestic surveillance
? The ?IRS Targeting? scandal
? The Veterans Administration healthcare scandal
This requirement is a continuation of and must reflect the same topic as your FWS-2 and FWS-3 requirements.
The final draft must include a minimum of six well developed paragraphs and must incorporate academically credible outside source material from at least five different sources. Your goal will be to focus on a relevant thesis and support your argument with reputable (academic) outside source material.

Note: Your last formal writing submission (FWS-5) will be a further development of this research project, an expanded revision of FWS-4 developed into a formal argument (to include acknowledgment and refutation of counterargument).
2. Purpose ? To engage the academic research process: to read, analyze, summarize, and synthesize ideas and to respond critically in writing to those sources with a polished, focused, formal academic essay reflecting college-level documentation conventions in MLA format.
? To apply college standards of reader-responsible writing in third person.
? To use computer technology to draft, save, open, revise, edit, and present an academic document.
3. Audience Engage your reader as any American college reader, male or female, who may or may not be your age, who may or may not be a native English speaker, who may or may not be an American citizen, who may or may not be familiar with local culture, and who may be an undergraduate or graduate student or an instructor or professor of any academic discipline.
4. Diction Formal, college-level (no contraction, no informal diction, slang, or street language, and no clich? expression).
This essay must reflect an identifiable stance and formal academic diction?no contractions; no informal, colloquial, slang, or street language; no pretentious language; no inappropriate jargon; and no clich? or redundant expression (except as required for accurate direct quotation). See the yellow handbook section of your NFG: HB 39-42.
5. Organization One well developed essay with the following components:
Introductory Paragraph
(General to specific) Lead-in content: The first several sentences of the first paragraph must draw the reader into the essay and provide relevant, adequate background or narrative that leads logically to the thesis statement.
Thesis statement: The last sentence of the first paragraph must preview the topic of the entire essay and signal the essay?s argument (assertion).
Four to Six
Well Developed
Body Paragraphs ? The first sentence of each body paragraph should serve as a functional topic sentence (a) that signals clear support for the thesis statement and (b) that previews the paragraph?s topic and argument.
? Each body paragraph must include adequate, relevant, well organized detail that provides adequate, relevant outside-source support for the paragraph?s topic sentence (which in turn supports the essay?s thesis.
? Each body paragraph must include at least three integrated outside sources of support (summarized, paraphrased, or quoted) with accurate in-text citation, of which, at least one must be direct quotation.
? The last sentence of each body paragraph must serve as a functional concluding statement that reviews the paragraph?s topic and argument (without simply repeating wording from topic sentence). This sentence may also serve as transition to the next paragraph.
Concluding Paragraph

(Specific to general) ? The first sentence of the last paragraph should review the essay?s topic and argument (without simply repeating the wording of the thesis statement).
? The next four to six sentences should review each body paragraph?s topic and argument (without repeating the wording of the topic sentences); these review statements should make a clear connection between the essay?s topic and some relevance for the reader.
? Additional relevant conclusions that connect the essay?s topic and some relevance for the reader?some statement of implications.
Works Cited The last page of this essay must be an MLA-formatted Works Cited that includes accurate bibliographic entries for all sources referenced in the essay.
6. Special Requirements ? This essay may reflect no first person and no second person?except as needed for accurate direct quotation.
? This essay must include at least four direct quotations: (a) three short direct quotations and (b) one long (block) quotation (see NFG 465) with corresponding in-text (parenthetical) citations.
? This body of this essay must include integrated support from at least five different academically reputable sources, three of which must be from different genres (for example, one book, one specialized reference text, and one journal or other periodical).
? The body of this essay should include an effective variety of quoted, paraphrased, and summarized source material.
? This essay should include no inappropriate verb tense or verb forms (that is, use present tense in signal phrases that refer to information that any source reports).
? The final draft must be typed in MLA format and printed in Courier New size 12 font.
? The final draft must be submitted (a) in a paper folder along with all preceding notes, drafts, and required photocopied material and (b) at the designated FWS-4 SafeAssignment folder.
? Any source material summarized, paraphrased, or directly quoted in your essay must be printed (or photocopied), labeled with its source clearly identified, and included in the final submission folder.
? Any plagiarism, intended or not, may result in an automatic grade of zero.


The Veterans Administration Healthcare Scandal

The Veteran Health Administration was established in 1946 to provide healthcare to veterans. Since its establishment, the Us government has put frantic in revolutionizing the veterans health care system  as it is quoted “ Today, the veterans’ healthcare system is the largest integrated health care system in the United States” (Patel and Mark  197). The statement is reinforced by the fact that the US government enacted the Veterans Eligibility Reform Act in 1998 that streamlined the health benefits of veterans. However, the veteran’s health care has encountered serious scandals. Several veterans’ stakeholders have pointed out criminal misconduct and gross mismanagement exhibited by Veteran Affairs top officials.

Recently, the media has heavily broadcasted allegations against Veterans Health Administration, Arizona Health Care, and Phoenix Health Care. The allegations accuse the Veterans Health Administration for portraying death of veterans. The controversial issues attracted the attention of Veterans Office of the Inspector General.

The latest report released by the Veteran Affairs indicated that Phoenix VHA system portrayed ultimate gross mismanagement leading to death of thirty-five veterans. According, Veterans Health Administration interim report indicates that the health facility has portrayed adverse patient care and lengthy waiting duration. In 2013, 226 veterans were made to wait for an average of 155 days upon making an appointment with the Phoenix Health Care facility. On April 22, 2014, the Veteran Affairs office of Inspector General realized that 1,700 veterans were not included on electronic waiting list despite the fact that they had booked primary care appointment. Further, study revealed that in 2006, medical facilities of Veteran Affairs failed to secure effective records. Consequently, the Veteran affairs failed to provide the veterans monitor medical care for veterans.

Veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq veterans have suffer from mental health Disgnoses. Consequently, the Veterans Affairs took the obligations of taking care for the veterans between 2002 and 2008. The Veteran Affairs played an instrumental role in assisting the identified veterans implying that military people depend highly on services provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs for years. Therefore, the Veterans Affairs resolved to offer OEF and OIF veteran’s free health care. In recent times, the VA has been termed as the US largest health care facility for OEF and OIF veterans. In other words, it is termed as the highest essential health care veterans health care facility only to be recently involved in serous scandal (Seal et al 1651–1658).

Following the release of the report by VA Office of the Inspector General, the U.S. Representative affirmed that the resignation of Eric Shinseki, Secretary of Department of Veterans Affairs. Maffei  stated that “ …in light of today’s report revealing the systematic mismanagement…it is no longer possible for Secretary Shinseki to lead the VA, the U.S reprehensive” United States house of Representative. Commented that secretary was a Vietnam War Veteran that served the country for thirty years. Maffei added that Shinseki was once a committed veteran in the United States. However, Maffei could not hide his disappointment over misconducts exhibited by Shinseki. Maffei outlined that that Shinseki no longer retained the capacity to serve the veteran Affairs due to the allegation citing veteran’s death and falsified data. The statement further indicated that president Obama had obligation of appointing a new leader to clear the VA crisis. Additionally, Maffei requested President Obama to put measure to pursue responsible individuals accrued with the crisis.

According to the speaker of the house commented there was a high possibility that the records of dead veterans were doctored. A whistle blower claimed that the covered up may have been committed to make the record was tampered to hide the real number of dead veterans that met their demise. Pailine Dewenter quoted

“Deceased” notes on files were removed to make statistics look better, so veterans would not be counted as having died while waiting for care (Smith).


Dewenter further claimed that clerk at he Phoenix supervisors orders her to handle secret waiting list. Apparently, some veterans were left for month without patient care. More report reveals that the case of veteran’s negligence has been displayed for years. a report in the published on CNN indicated that two veterans became victims of treatment negligence for year in psychiatric facilities. According to an independent government agency report, there are a number f whistle blowers revealing the more cases of treatment care. Some whistle blowers claim that they were victims of negligence for as long as 7 years and some for eight years. The report has attracted political pressure where Republicans have accused the administration of President Obama over abusing Veteran Affairs health benefit.

The details provided the paper prove that the Veteran Affairs is a highly essential facility to veterans. However, some malicious party has displayed unacceptable misconducts and reckless behavior by neglecting duties to respond to veteran’s patients as provided. The report confirms that veterans have met their demise simply because health providers failed to account for their duties. Medical practitioners delayed to offer health care to veterans on time contributing to their premature death. Shinskei was right to step down as secretary to Veterans Affairs to give room for further investigations. In conclusion, all those that were accountable for the scandal should be face the justice accordingly.