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Sources is “Who Is She and What Is She to You?”
Mary Ann Shadd Cary and the (Im)possibility of
Black/Canadian Studies by Rinaldo Walcott.

Discuss the main arguments and key concepts of the source, acknowledge all the concepts but focus on one key concept given the page allowance. i.e. what concepts and sources does Walcott draw on, how does he work with Mary Ann Shadd and blackness


Women Studies

Walcott discussed concepts of Canadian Studies, Canadian Blackness, and Blackness Studies. He uses Mary Ann Cary as the intellectual figure to outline the relationship exiting between Black Diasporas, Canadian Studies, and Black Studies. Walcott focuses on Canadian Studies and Black Studies. However, the primary concern of Walcott is exploring how Black political culture based in Canada could influence the how Canada can be defined in terms relationship existing the three studies. Walcott is particularly interested examining how Canadian Studies could accommodate Blackness in the country.

To achieve a comprehensive relationship between the concept Canadian studies and Blackness, Walcott uses the intellectual ability provided by Shadd Cary. He acknowledged the fact that Cary possessed excellent knowledge o African American studies and feminism. However, Walcott is concerned by the fact that the scholar acquired modest knowledge of Canadian Studies since she spent better part of her life in the United States. Additionally, Walcott believes that Cary developed keen interest on African American feminism compared to the Canadian feminism (Walcott 137 -145).

Apparently, Walcott perceives that historical figures like Cary are highly essential n explaining welfare of Black Canadians as national imagery. He perceived Cary as a heroine that took a significant part in fighting for the Black’s rights and more so in developing a commendable nationalism. In essence, Cary played a notable role in articulating effects 0f migration from one nation. In this particular case, presented by Walcott, Cary’s efforts are deemed relevant in defining relationship existing between Black Studies and Canadian Studies.

Walcott portrayed Cary as an essential figure when trying to understand place, significance, and space of Canada dwelling in the Black Diaspora and Blackness based in Canada. The assessment prompted Walcott to acquire keen concern over links existing between the Black studies and Canadian Studies.

Walcott believed it was essential to review the biography of Cary as a black woman that volunteered to work in Canada where Blacks were considered minority group. The biography depicts Cary as a brave black immigrant to Canada established formal education for ex-slaves that migrated to Canada. Additionally, the biography portrays Cary as committed activist that ever lived during her era.

Walcott was highly fascinated by Cary’s achievement as an activist and her opinions. He terms her achievement as historical that should be adopted by the modern world. Walcott acknowledge the fact Shadd Cary ideas can help scholars think about place of Blackness in Canada. Consequently, Walcott believes that it makes sense that Black feminists have taken initiatives of restoring intellectual contributions of Cary. For instance, Cary suffered from taking part in political struggles. Walcott uses the experience to mention that taking the role of females and Blackness.

Cary played huge part in Black Studies and Canadian Studies thus Walcott adopts her position to develop the concept of Blackness in Canada. According to Walcott, Cary portrayed significant attention in slavery and racism that existed Canada. In fact, Cary was highly to take part in race legal destinations when she migrated to Canada. Apparently, the element of Blackness has complicated Canadian Studies and Canada. To illustrate, there is credible evidence that there is an attempt to make the Black become invisible in Canada. Consequently, Walcott grows concern as to whether Canadian studies as a cross-disciplinary, inter-disciplinary, and multi-disciplinary could helps configure returns of Blackness.

The concern raises attention I the sense that the Canadian Studies preserves a special place for Blackness. Therefore, according to Walcott articulating initiatives portrayed by Cary highly helps understand the role of Canadian Studies in understanding the place of Blacks in the contemporary Canada (Walcott 137-145).

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