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Out of This Furnace by Thomas Bell

Out of This Furnace: Part 3: Dobie
(Answers should be a minimum of 25 words)

1. Briefly discuss Dobie’s background, education, and jobs.

2. Discuss 2 important differences between:
a. Kracha and Dobie
b. Mike and Dobie

3. Dobie and Julie’s married life had fewer hardships than that of Dobie’s parents, Mike and Mary. Discuss how Julie’s married life was easier than Mary’s .

4. Dobie spent a great deal of time trying to improve the steel worker’s conditions.
a. As secretary of the AFL union, what did Dobie hope to accomplish and was he successful?

b. As a representative in the company union, ERP, what did Dobie hope to accomplish and was he successful?

c. As a representative in the CIO union what did Dobie accomplish?

5. A good section of Part 3 deals with the 1930’s, the Great Depression, a time of high unemployment, and for the first time, references to racism by the “Hunkys” towards African American workers and their families. WHY?

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