Gabon and the UN

Historical General Assembly (Session 55 2000)

Part I

Research and write four pages on in Decolonization and Democracy in the historical General Assembly.

Since the topic is on Gabon, mention a little bit on the part they may play in that position. (4 pages)

Topic Area: Decolonization and Democracy

Key Research and Topic:***Merits and applicability of democracy to decolonized nations***

A paragraph on the Recommendation to support long term progress and stability

Self-determination is an important aspect of governance for a people. For centuries, many regions of the world were deprived of this right. While several states achieved freedom from colonial rule, others still remain deprived of the right to self-rule. At the junction between the 20th and 21st Century, the Historical General Assembly will evaluate the conditions of decolonized countries – their political systems, economic conditions, infrastructure and social stability. Taking certain case studies in perspective, the Assembly will discuss the general challenges faced by independent states that have a colonial history. As democracy is a core value of the UN, and an important indicator of political progress and stability, delegates will be expected to discuss its merits and applicability to decolonized nations. The committee will reflect on the state of decolonized countries and will make recommendations to support and improve their social, political and economic progress in light of the Millennium Report presented by Secretary General Kofi Annan. Delegates are encouraged to think about improving the conditions in decolonized countries and ensuring their long-term progress and stability

Part II

Position paper


Decolonization and Democracy

Write a one page on the perspective on Gabon

Format example:

*In total there will be five pages. Make sure the grammar used is within the  standards of University school level understanding.

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