Write the equivalent of a 2-3 page report giving a review of the concert you attended(symphony orchestra concert, opera, or a musical). Your review must include the following:

  • What kind of listener were you at the concert? Why?
  • What pieces were performed?
  • What was the style of each of the pieces performed?
  • What was the instrumentation of the orchestra?
  • Draw out the seating arrangement of the instruments in the orchestra.

Analyze 3-4 pieces played during the concert using the following criteria from the course:

  • Unity & Variety
  • Structure of the Music
  • Purpose of the Music
  • Tempo
  • Volume
  • Rhythm
  • Melody
  • Harmony
  • Form
  • Historical Period

Did you enjoy the concert? Why or why not?


Vivaldi Mandolin Concerto in Baltimore

The Vivaldi mandolin concerto held on 8th march in Baltimore had some of the best pieces I ever heard; Nicholas McGegan was the main conductor, he played the harpsichord while Avi Avital played the mandolin. I am a perspective listener since listening to musicals and the different sounds presented by different artists make up some of my best experiences. Nicholas McGegan is one of the best orchestra performers and I enjoy listening to some of his work. The event covered the HAYDN Symphony No. 80, VIVALDI Mandolin Concerto, VIVALDI Lute Concerto in D Major, and BIZET Symphony No. 1 pieces.

All the pieces played in the orchestra were beautiful and magical since they combined a variety of instruments such; harpsichord, mandolin, violin, cello, double bass, tuba, and trombone. All bowed string instruments such as the violin, cello, and double bass created a circular shape in the middle of the stage, the mandolin and the harpsichord were at the forefront of the stage. The brass instruments which include the tuba and trombone were at the back of the stage, the arrangement enhanced a well-balanced sound that made the orchestra enjoyable.

The Bizet symphony

The Bizet Symphony No.1 was my best piece, the performance was very harmonious and all sounds in the musical greatly integrated with each other, the structure of the music was well-formed and composed. The Bizet symphony was played in honor of the great George Bizet who created the piece at age 17 but died before perfecting it to his desired state. Performers like Nicholas often play the piece in respect to Bizet’s hard work and contribution to the industry, the tempo of the music was well balanced it had some slow and speedy sections, but they all complimented each other very well. The symphony was loud and had an alternating rhythm that made it very pleasing to hear, the melody was beguiling creating a well-balanced harmony. The form of the music was (AAA) as the verse of the chorus was very repetitive, the piece has existed for over a century since it was created in the 1800s and first premiered in 1875.

Vivaldi Mandolin Concerto

The Vivaldi mandolin concerto was the main piece in the event; the performance of the piece was very united and contained a combination of various sounds. The structure of the piece was well-composed as different sounds in the piece integrated each other with ease; the piece was played in honor of Antonio Vivaldi an Italian composer who composed the piece in 1725. The music tempo was slow and smooth releasing a very calm sound, the rhythm of the piece was flowing creating a very pleasant sound. The melody was slow, agreeable, and to some extent lazy making it a great piece to listen when relaxing, the piece had an (ABCDE) format as it had a through composition from a great composer. The piece is over 2 centuries old and has a great Italian historical background.

HAYDN Symphony No. 80

The Haydn symphony was also an interesting piece as it contained a very unique artwork that created a sense of wholeness in the performance. The piece used a lot of contrasting elements creating a well-composed structural performance; the performance was done in honor of Dolni Luka-vice the main composer of the musical piece. The piece had a fast and vigorous tempo due to the various sounds created by the different instruments used in the musical. The volume was not particularly loud, but it created a random and progressive rhythm that neatly integrated together. The melody in the piece was very sonorous and deep, creating a balanced and a well-balanced harmony. The piece was in binary (AB) form as it had many different but complementary sections, the historical background of the piece goes back to 1759 when it was first composed.

I really enjoyed the concert due to the combination of a variety of historical and diverse sounds that made the orchestra more pleasing. I greatly love music especially symphonies and orchestras, attending this event was a once in a lifetime experience since I got to hear great pieces created by legendary composers and conducted by one of the best orchestra conductors in the world.

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