Each section has a number of possible points & the indicated word limit eg [7 points 175 words] so you need to be concise – please note you will be penalised if you exceed the overall word count.

Save the file with the title ‘COD2014-TE-your student number’ eg COD2014-TE-7007007

Please use this question paper as your template- write each answer after the relevant heading or sub-heading ie insert your answer below each heading- it will expand to fit.

NB Do not attempt to submit work that you have previously submitted for assessment as this would count as plagiarism
Do not attempt to submit another student’s work or cut & paste from the internet- this also shows up on the originality report.

1.1 For a country you have studied, comment on the PESTEL context of its current position in HDI [human development index] ranking ie detail its standing on each element of HDI and what it says about the country’s development. [7 points 175 words]

1.2 Examine the country’s main development challenges & what they are doing to overcome them [7 points 175 words]

1.3 Are neighbouring countries allies or competitors to the country’s efforts to develop? [6 points 150 words]

2. GENDER [15 – 375/400 words]
2.1 How is gender important to understanding a person’s life chances in the global south & how can it be incorporated into development activities? Illustrate your answer with evidence from key areas for action.
[10 points- 250 words]

2.2 Sen referred to the household as a site of ‘co-operative conflict’ what did he mean by this? [5 points 125 words}

3. AGRICULTURE & FOOD [20 – 500 words]
3.1 Explain the concept of risk aversion in peasant agriculture [4 points 100 words]

3.2 What are the current challenges to world food security & the most promising prospects for overcoming food shortages? [10 points 250 words]

3.3 Explain the key difficulties in formulating agricultural policies in the global south [6 points 150 words]

4. AFRICA [15 – 375/400 words]
4.1 What are the development challenges for Africa and how are they being addressed? [15 points- 375 words]

5.AID [30 – 750 words]
5.1 How has history shaped the current context of aid & development in the global south? [7 points 175 words]

5.2 In what key respects has ‘doing aid’ changed since 2000? Comment on the new ‘partnership’ approach and emerging aid providers. [10 points 250 words]

5.3 How successful has the MDG programme been & what are the prospects for the post 2015 MDGs? [13 points 325 words]I choose Brazil to be the country

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