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short answers please.

1. What are three questions you should ask yourself when you begin your job search?

2. What are the most common mistakes people make in preparing their résumés?

3. What should you know about your prospective employer before the job interview?
4. What should the interviewee try to achieve during a job interview? What should you look for? What “red flags” should you be particularly alert for?
5. What can you do in advance to prepare for the changes during the first year of employment?

6. Draw a career path for yourself, beginning with the present year and extending to the age of retirement. Be sure to include any “twists and turns” of the path you expect to experience along the way and any barriers you expect to encounter. How will you handle these experiences?

7. Do an online nationwide search for information about current job prospects in nursing. Compare opportunities in various regions of the country. Why do you think these opportunities are the same or different?

6. Develop a list of questions that you should ask a potential employer. What “homework” will you need to do to prepare for an interview?

8. The following position is advertised in your local newspaper:
RN I Surgical Job Travel Involved: None Job Type: Full Time Job Level: Minimum Education Required: Associate Degree Skills: Category: Nursing FTE: 0.9 Position Summary:
Description/Purpose Of Position: Responsible for providing patient care based upon the nursing process; being effectively involved with maintaining the standard of care for assigned patients through assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation. Oversees and guides employees that are under his/her supervision. Requirements Description/Purpose Of Position: Responsible for providing patient care based upon the nursing process; being effectively involved with maintaining the standard of care for assigned patients through assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation. Oversees and guides employees that are under his/her supervision. Minimum Qualifications:
Education: Graduate of an accredited school of Nursing License/Certification: Current RN license in the State of XXX Current BCLS Certification. Other: Must be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care/service appropriate to the age of the patients served on the assigned unit/department. Note: An RN graduate is a nurse who has completed a course of study at a school of nursing and is eligible for the NCLEX. The RN
graduate performs directly under the supervision of the Charge Nurse or RN designee.

a). List three substantive questions you might expect to be asked in an interview for the job, and summarize your answers.
b). Describe 3–5 ways in which you could prepare for the interview in order to make the most positive impression. Be sure to describe what you would wear and which material you would bring with you.


Question 1

  • What kind of training and education should I have before looking for a job?
  • What goals should I target to achieve when I get the job consistent with my skills, values, and interests?
  • Would it be advisable to get a career coach or counselor?

Question 2

  • The most common mistake that one would make while preparing a resume is grammar and spelling errors that can end up costing one’s chance of a job.
  • Another common mistake is failure to address each resume to the specific job that is being applied for.
  • People often use the wrong format while writing resumes and include too much personal information that may be unnecessary.
  • Another mistake is use of objective statements while designing resumes.

Question 3

  • The first thing that one should know about the employer company is the interviewer specifics.
  • The job seeker should understand the challenges expected in the new job environment.
  • One should understand the experience and skills that the employer company values.
  • One should understand news and recent events concerning the employer.
  • It is very important to understand the company’s mission and values.
  • One should understand the clients, services to be offered, and products.

Question 4

  • Always portray the real self during the interview.
  • Maintain an eye contact throughout the interview session.
  • Limit the use of body language and signs and only use them when necessary.
  • Have a comprehensible understanding of the job being interviewed for.
  • The salary question should be avoided during the interview and accept what the employer is willing to offer.
  • One should control the emotional situation prior to the interview.

Question 5

  • Assessing one’s options within the company and doing motivating career building coursework.
  • Look for experienced advisors regarding the career to prepare for future changes.
  • Learn the current fundamentals about the job and be well equipped with advancement in technology.
  • Going back for studies and increasing one’s knowledge concerning the job.

Question 6

Career Path to Becoming an RN Nurse

Experience Example Paths


Base Level Skill


Fill necessary government forms

Office labor

Organize individual income tax proceeds

Conformity with regulations


Early specialized Rank Know-how


Assist coach low-grade staff

Raise the level of education to handle difficult situations

Oversee low-grade staff

Link personal goals to career growth

Promote sequence forecast

Build up nursing leadership

Late Professional Level Experience and Retirement


Train and manage employees

Contribute to specialist practice of nurture

Support a lot of clinical excellence base on quality

Prepare to stop working

Question 7

There are many modern job prospects in nursing in the United States. For instance, many hospitals are searching for nurses and midwives with expertise in emergency, motherhood, mental health, and intensive acre. Both short-tern and long-term contracts are available and those with qualifications can freely apply for the posts. Most of the job opportunities in many countries are similar and widespread. This is due to the view that there will be a scarcity in prospect (Turner, 2010).

Question 8


  • What made you choose nursing as a career?
  • What is it about your personality and skills that help you be comfortable in the RN career?
  • What do you like most and least about the job?

Working as a massage psychotherapist was not well paying. In addition, working in the alternative healthcare is would not the best thing and therefore, I chose to join Nursing in the position of an RN. Nursing is a fast-paced profession and I have the necessary skills to think critically and solve problems. I love treating and helping people recover from illness. Am also happy that what I am doing is important but rarely appreciated. The worst part about the job is handling more patients at a time (Buerhaus, Staiger, & Auerbach, 2009).


  • Always make a prior research about the firms or company’s profile and background.
  • Critically think about the subject to ask the interviewer.
  • Anticipate any kind of questions from the interviewer.
  • Perform the interview with an associate.
  • Dress officially and properly during the interview.
  • Demonstrate politeness to everybody throughout the interview.

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