Case Study/Oral PowerPoint Presentation Guidelines:

This is a PowerPoint group presentation (2-3 students) should be no more than 30 minutes in length with an additional 10 minutes of discussion. You are responsible to facilitate your colleagues’ discussion of your topic. You may provide a handout to facilitate your presentation and discussion.

The scholarly Oral Presentation should include the following:

• Abstract of the presentation (150 words maximum)

• In depth preview of the topic

• An exemplar and discussion of a relevant research study using the method

Guiding Questions: disease (Hypertension)

• What is normal vs. abnormal processes in the human body?

• What is the disease, pathophysiology?

• What causes disease?

• How is disease identified , background?

• How is disease cured/managed? Medications?

• How is the acute disease treated versus chronic disease, treatment?

• What role does our body’s defense system play in the fight of disease?

• What changes in the human body as a result of age?


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