Discuss what challenges were faced by HR in Dubai Ports Authority (known after DP World) when
they went globally.
DP World was founded in 2005 by merging Dubai Ports Authority and Dubai Ports
International (which had been founded in 1999). It purchased Peninsular and Oriental Steam
Navigation Company (P&O) of the United Kingdom in 2006 for £3.9 billion ($7 billion), which
was at the time the world’s fourth largest ports operator

Discuss what challenges were faced by DP World HR when they went globally.
Report Style using the proper cover page.
1. Researching the topic:
a. Obtain as many details as possible.
b. Make sure that all of your information comes from scholarly, peer-reviewed sources,
and interviews. Use the proper referencing style to avoid plagiarism
2. Writing the report
a. Report should include:
i. Title page: title of paper, author, date
ii. Abstract page:
The abstract page should be a coherent summary of the whole report. It
should provide the reader with a clear understanding of the report
without having to look at any other part of the report.
iii. Body of the paper: In the body of the paper you should:
Identify/discuss why the selected topic is important
Show substantive knowledge relevant to the paper topic
iv. Recommendations/conclusion
v. Reference page
Make sure to cite all sources throughout the report as well as format
your references according to Harvard Referencing Style
Paraphrase and use your own words
vi. At least seven references should be used to write your paper.
i. After all sections have been expanded upon, the report should undergo several
revisions. Make sure the entire report is appropriately
edited (e. g., all
grammatical errors are corrected, etc.) and that there are no differences in
writing style between the various sections of the report.
ii. The length of the report should not exceed 2500 words of content (i.e., this
excludes first page, abstract page, reference pages, appendices, etc.).
iii. Other formatting considerations:
paper must be typed using Times New
Roman, 12-point font, and double-spaced

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