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Some results of behavioural research indicate that a particular accounting related information item (cue)
is not used by individuals when making decisions.

Can individuals’ perception and judgment replace information sources when making decisions? Under what circumstances not using “information sources” be allowed?

Can companies justify and report non-financial information (e.g., intangible assets) on its financial statements even though mandatory disclosure requirements do not exist. Critically answer this statement and explain your answer in terms of the following decision making pathways in the Throughput Model (Process Thinking):
a. P-D;
b. I-J-D; and
c. P-J-D
In addition, explain which of the three pathways may yield the best answer? Why?

Read a book named financial accounting theory second european edition,
especially chapter 11 that described in details, the writers of the book are Craig Deegan,and Jeffrey Unerman. add two another journals by you

the requirement simply is to answer the questions that above from the book and two journal and compare it with 6 pathway of thinking

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