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Read the article: Expanding Health Insurance to Millions: Learning from the Oregon Health Insurance Experiment and write a one page summary report (inclusive of your name, date, report title, references) in Word using font size 10 or larger that covers the following:
•Using your own words*, write a summary in no more than five lines of what the Oregon State did in 2008 to provide insurance to their citizens, which led to a very rare and natural experiment, including its findings.
•For the rest of the paper (e.g. once you wrote the five lines summary) be sure to include:
?The story of Wendy Parris. Use this story to illustrate in your paper what this Case Study is about.
?What research told us about the effect of health insurance expansion? Provide an explanation of why the studies arrived at such conflicting results? List potential confounders in the studies that led to a bias.
?Expand further on the Oregon experiment. Only if needed, otherwise your five lines summaries from the beginning may suffice.
?Be sure to talk about the power of randomization used in the experiment. Which bias did this eliminate? And how or why?
?Summarize what happened with health outcomes? And provide a wrap-up stating in your opinion whether the US Health Insurance Expansion was something needed to be done. Why?
?Now that the ACA is in place, based on the evidence the case has, would that help to bend the cost curve?

Be sure not to approach this paper as an Question and Answer structure. Instead, think of it as an executive summary that could be forwarded to the leaders of a country who are considering expanding health care insurance.

* Using your own words means that you cannot copy-paste pieces of the article. Also, you should refrain from using complicated statistic or ACA terms even if you know them. Imagine you were explaining to a person who did not finish college, make sure he would be able to understand your summary.

To increase your understanding of the ACA and MediCare watch these videos.

Important: This assigment will be run against Turnitin which means it will be checked against other students submissions, as well as public available sources. Avoid getting yourself in troubles with the Academic Standard Committee, disciplinary actions for plagiarism could be as severe as resulting into being expelled from the program: work on this assignment individually, this means you don’t talk or discuss the assignment with anybody, don’t even work nearby another person while reading/writing this assignment.

Reminder on Collaboration Policy for Individual Assignments as per Syllabus

Individual Assignment[1] ? There may be no passing of assignment papers between students either electronically or in hard copy; nor is it permissible for one person simply to tell another the answer.Don’t work together with another person when solving your individual assignment. Be safe and be on your own when you read, solve and write the individual assignment.—

[1] Collaboration Policy adapted from Mitzenmacher, CS 124: Data Structures and Algorithms Syllabus, Harvard Spring 2013, retrieved on Aug 10th 2013 available at: http://www.fas.harvard.edu/~libcs124/cs124/syllabus.html

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