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Please complete each of the following, and then write out the answers/response and submit them on Blackboard.

Activity 1: Research/brainstorm ways that you can conserve energy and conserve water. Write up a bullet pointed list of at least ten conservation suggestions for each (energy and water). Please choose things that are realistic for your own household – that the majority of your classmates could implement.

Activity 2: Research “alternative housing” on the internet– houses that are (or claim to be) more environmentally friendly or sustainable. There is quite a variety of types of homes that people have developed over the last couple of decades and are living in today (e.g. sustainable houses, earthships, zero-energy houses, tiny houses, etc). They may emphasize some or all of the following: recycled building materials, living apart from the grid (without needing outside water or energy resources), “harmony with the environment”, or being inexpensive (not requiring a mortgage). Select three different homes (or styles of homes) that you find and summarize their pros and cons (~ 1 paragraph each).

Reading Reflection 1: After reading Thirsty World by Gleick, please write up a bullet pointed list of all of the types of water-related problems that different societies struggle with (because they don’t have easy access to clean water) and describe them (in about one full sentence each).

Reading Reflection 2: After completing Bodley Chapter 2, please:

A. Identify in a couple of paragraphs how we came to be in our current state of environmental crisis, according to Bodley.

B. Discuss one environmental “crisis” or problem that surprised you or that you learned something new about.

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