Your research paper is due no later than Saturday April 26, 2020.

Your paper will include minimum 4 sources, 2 being scholarly sources. (Google Scholar is a great resource.)

Your paper will be a minimum of 5 pages of content (Intro, Background, and Conclusion)

The layout of your paper will be as follows:

Title Page (will include your name)


Introduction – identify your topic and why it is of concern.

Background- give a history of your topic, how did it become an issue, what is currently     being done

Conclusion- What are your recommendations to improving the topic that you have             chosen

The paper will utilize APA format

Papers must be written in Microsoft Word and submitted via Blackboard.

Your topic must be approved by the instructor.

Your proposal is to be submitted by Feb 15, 2020 COB (Close Of Business)

Your proposal will be submitted in the following format:

Proposal topic:

Reason for selecting topic:

4 potential sources (at least 2 scholarly):


Proposal Topic: Baseball Cheating scandal

Reason for selecting topic: As a NY Yankee fan I believe that the Yankees were victims of the Houston Astros cheating in 2017.

4 Potential Sources (at least 2 scholarly)If you have any issues or concerns, please email me at

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